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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Our own version of The Country Mouse & The City Mouse!

While I was visiting my niece Adele and her family in Alberta recently, she took me on several tours of abandoned properties. I guess technically we were trespassing, but we had a lot of fun doing it and didn't get arrested or escorted off any properties via owners with shotguns! Adele knows me quite well and had these places scoped out a year before my trip knowing how much I would enjoy them.

We pulled off the highway and parked in a country drive overgrown with weeds and exited the car. As I closed the passenger side door, the hair on the back of my neck immediately stood up. I stopped, and stood frozen by the eerie looking sight before me. The abandoned house and outbuildings looked seriously haunted. The dark holes that once held window panes looked ominous, foreboding. 

We'd been to others, but they hadn't creeped me out like this one. I was feeling somewhat reluctant with this house. Adele firmly planted one foot on the barbed wire fence to allow me to step over it without killing myself, and said: "Come on Auntie, let's go!"

My heart almost stopped as the distinct sound of bees, a lot of them, the buzzing became louder and louder as we approached. I said: "Uh, hmm, maybe we should go to another one, I hear bees, don't you?" She just laughed and told me not to be a scaredy cat! 

For some reason the story of the Country Mouse and the City Mouse came to mind, hmm, why couldn't I remember how that story ended? All of a sudden it mattered to me! UGH!

As I was taking in the scenery outside the house, with my happy camera snapping away, and trying to gauge where the buzzing was coming from, a VERY LARGE flock of birds came flying out of a second floor window of the old farmhouse. I was totally freaked out, jumped a mile high and a rather long streak of swearwords escaped my mouth, some maybe in french even! As I stood there, trying to recover my breath, and checked my feet for a puddle, my lovely niece simply laughed (a lot and very loudly) and just carried on to investigate.

 She pointed to one side of the house where several beehive boxes sat and said: "See auntie, no worries, that is where the buzzing is coming from!"  Oh, what a relief! NOT. 

She walked around to the other side of the house, looked into a large window and pointed out that the walls inside were painted my favorite color, turquoise. Lovely, I said, just f-en lovely. "Are there bodies in this one?" I thought out loud.

This one had a sign above the front door dubbing it "Lakeview", the year 1944 and the name M. Sather scrawled into the cement step.

She coaxed me into entering it, slowly I walked around, admiring the old casings around the windows, and other architectural details of the old farmhouse.  When Adele climbed the narrow steps to the upstairs bedrooms, I followed, trying not to scream in horror. No, really. 
There were bird droppings everywhere & birds nests in every corner. 

The views from the windows to the vast acreage beyond was beautiful.

When we got upstairs, more birds flew out, which forced me to scream, in spite of my effort to avoid doing it again. The roof had caved in in one part, letting daylight in, and adding to the whole eerie feeling.

 One bird flew back in, causing another loud scream to escape me, and flew into the closet where her nest full of eggs was, trying to scare us away.

 Once I started breathing again, I looked down and saw a "rather dead" mouse, which of course caused me to scream (yes, again!) and run out in horror. I have a terrible fear of rodents, dead or alive. I could hear laughing coming from behind me, yet again. Darned kid, was I fearless like her when I was thirty?

Well, now I knew what happened to the City Mouse, didn't I? DEAD! 

 The back of the house had an entrance to the root cellar. My hilarious niece wanted to check that out too. "Uh, NO THANK YOU" I said. I may have screamed it. Either way, it was out of the question.

We proceeded to check out the old, falling down, decrepit outbuildings. 

 This one building was my favorite,or the least creepy. :) 

So pretty!

When we left, Adele put her foot down to hold the barbed wire again in order to save her auntie from losing a limb, and smiled at me. 

"So, did you like that one auntie?" she asked. 

I love that cheeky girl.

 I got in the car, put my seat belt on, shuddered, took a deep breath, and in my bravest voice said: "Yeah, that was awesome. Thanks." 

I hope you enjoyed my City Mouse adventure!
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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Magnificent Morning- Magical Mist!

Oh my Goodness! I haven't blogged in soooo long! I've missed it. Today definitely warrants a post. Why? Because I'm convinced I am in Heaven. No, really. I'm visiting my niece Adele and her family at their home in Elk Point, Alberta. They have a fantastic spread of seventeen acres overlooking a lush green valley and the Saskatchewan river. I cannot express how majestic and surreal this place is. Really, in one word, magical!

I wish I practiced yoga, because trust me, this would be the place to connect with your inner self. As most of you know, my soul lives by the sea, but this is a different kind of wonderful. Peaceful, serene and breathtaking. I could live here.

Adele has taken me to see some old abandoned farmsteads, which is something I love to photograph. There's a mystery there, a sense of wonder and history. There is also a sadness to these places that families have left behind, whether by choice or not. The faces of these places have fallen, their souls remain, but their hearts broken by being left empty, without joy, laughter and life to keep them fulfilled. I know, I am a hopeless romantic, a dreamer, but I believe we breathe life into our homes. They are our cocoons, our refuges our nests.

Anyway, I'm getting away from what I wanted to share with you on this breathtaking morning. Believe it or not, but I, Sandra, have been up for almost two hours at it's only 7:12 a.m...that in itself is mind boggling.

I was "startled" awake by my lovely niece and her soft whisper..."Auntie, wake up, wake up, you have to come with me, I have something to show you! Bring your camera auntie, hurry!!!"

It took me a second to realize I wasn't at home in my bed, and another to realize the puppy on my bed wasn't my own! LOL

So, off I went, in my pj's, following this sweet girl and her little four legged friends!

Talk about being in total awe. I've rarely seen anything so mesmerizing in my life. I wanted to pull up a chair and watch the morning unfold before me. I hope I managed to catch some of the beauty of it with my camera, but really, I think being here and feeling it on your skin is the way to go. I am so very grateful to Adele, Tim, Peyton and Tristan for sharing their amazing home with me. I love you guys.

Adele calls this her "bowl of cream".

A bowl of cream indeed. I can only describe it to you as this magical mist that rises from the river, like froth on my morning latte, thick, soft, delicious. It slowly dissipates, revealing the majestic view of the valley and fields below. It's like opening a beautiful gift from above, slowly, appreciating every moment, not expecting the gift to be even more amazing than it's beautiful wrapping. 

As I walked the property taking in all the beauty around me, I couldn't help but smile because no matter where you go on this slice of Heaven, there's always at least one four legged friend walking along with you.

Adele's beautiful garden.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful morning with me. I appreciate the company!
I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, and that you'll check in again soon to see more photographs of Adele & Tim's little slice of Heaven.
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