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Monday, February 3, 2014

From Basic Brown to white and whimsical!

Hi there!  I haven't done a DIY project in a while. I really miss using my hands to create, maybe this project will get me going again...I just have to learn to do things slowly and pace myself, a very difficult thing for a instant gratification kind of girl.

We bought this basic brown dresser off of Craigslist for $50. It was in excellent shape and had potential to become something I imagined, something with a bit of whimsy, that fits into our "beachy" bedroom feel. 

Ikea dresser

I started by "hunting" in the workshop to find some white latex paint. I found just enough for this project. I then mixed it with Plaster of Paris to make a homemade version of chalk paint.

Chalk Finish Paint Recipe
3 parts paint
1 part Plaster of Paris
(dissolved in hot water to a thick but smooth consistency) 

I like working with this paint, it goes on easily and because it is thicker, it doesn't cause a lot of splattering.
And I love the "old finish".

I gave it two coats, which left it with a bit of a whitewashed effect.

The pewter color knobs were covered in painters tape before painting.
I've ordered some nice clear glass knobs from ebay.

 Then came the sanding to attain the distressed, somewhat chippy look I was looking for.

I realize this look isn't for everyone, but if really fits the beachy vibe I'm going for.

And now, adding the "whimsy":

I stenciled this pretty design on the front of the dresser in my favorite color.
(thanks for the stencil Adele!)  

My sidekick Molly was no help at all. She just supervised between naps.

A little antiquing was in order. I like to use this product because it's water based and easy to work with.

I spread it on with a rag and then gently wipe of the excess with a wet rag.

Just enough to add an aged look.

I really like the finished product. It fits.

It turned out exactly as I imaged it. {sigh}

 The "Kiss me Goodnight" sign I made out of an old door panel. In the background is the sign "she beckons me closer" which is a verse from a poem i wrote about the ocean.

 My friend Michelle made it for me.

You can read the poem here:


This abalone shell on sterling silver soap dish was a good thrift store find for 50 cents!
It's too pretty to use as a soap dish, so I use it for my jewelry instead.

Here's the old jewelry box I covered in postcard paper.

The dresser's finish is echoed by the finish on the mirror I made for above the bed.

That's it for now, time to relax and enjoy my hard work. 

It looks old, chipped, scuffed, like it's been used in an old beach cottage for generations, 
and I love it.

Thanks for following! xx


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Nature's riot of colors!

I have to say that it is more and more difficult to come up with new subjects to post about on my blog. I don't want to give it up entirely, but I am posting less and less. My DIY projects are few and far between these days because of my health issues. I really miss building things, and am a little frustrated creatively...So, I hope you don't mind my sharing some photos I've taken of nature's riot of colors, some of which just happen to be in my garden...

Morning Glory - the flower I love to hate. Did Mother Nature really have to make it so pretty?


Clematis is one of my all time faves. 

 The simplicity of a white rose.
My little Gingko Biloba tree.

 Snowball Hydrangea - New this year and doing really well!

Isn't it just gorgeous?!
                                               Lace hydrangea - paniculata chantilly lace

 Look at that detail! It would take me years to paint that!!! 
Petunias are always somewhere in my garden.

 What's not to love about the ever fragrant sweet peas and honeysuckle.
 Can't remember what these are called...anyone else know?

 Pink geraniums and some fresh basil in the background.

Hens and chicks,
 pink phlox and blue hydrangea.

 Lovely, delicate, bellflowers.
 Mmmmm. My one, lonely tomato plant.
 These pansies have such striking faces.
 I tried a few different effects because these little beauties are so interesting.

  So bright and happy.
Angels in the garden are a MUST!

 These beauties, I have to confess, are not in my garden. They were given to me by a thoughtful friend.
Thanks Jean!

Aren't they spectacular!?
 So soft and pretty.
 How cool is that?! 
 I love the effect of water droplets on plants and flowers.

Oops, how'd this one get in here?   

Thanks for checking out my post. I hope you enjoyed the photos I took as much as I enjoy my garden...
See ya later,