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Monday, May 9, 2011

Back to reality but still in awe!

Back to reality.....but definitely still in AWE. The Caribbean Ocean and the Mayan Riviera are truly the most beautiful place in my world.  I say in my world, because I haven't travelled to a lot of places, so to be fair (lol) to other beautiful places, I'll say "my world".  No matter, the Ocean is what makes it so beautiful to me, so whatever your "most beautiful place is", it's yours to hold in your heart.

I just wanted to say "Hi" to everyone and show you some of my favorite photographs...

Once again, 
I find myself here, 
in this beautiful place,
watching the sun rise,
with a smile on my face
 I walk on her shore, 
enjoying sights and sounds, 
her waves gently crashing,
Tropical birds singing all around.

Softly She calls me,
I feel her breath on my skin,
I taste her saltiness on my lips,
and feel so content to be here again.

As I walk slowly, 
enjoying the peace,
I look down and see this
just by my feet,
a little castle right here in the sand
built by someone special
with tiny hands

 I lay in the warm sand,
to take this photo for you,
hoping you'll feel some of the warmth too.
A Father holds his daughter,
as he walks on in the sand,
 He sings her a lullaby,
In a language I don't understand
Tears fill my eyes,
As I can't help but cry
Remembering my own Dad,
and our special times.
My time here is amazing, 
It means so much to me,
I come here to replenish my soul,
and to recharge my battery.

It's my moment in time,
Where I just get to ``be``,
It`s the moment in time,
When She is just here for me.

I hope you enjoyed the early morning sunrise as much as I did!


  1. HI SWEETIE!!!! This is gorgeous!!!! You always write so well and seem to capture what I feel in my most beautiful place!! Your photos are so breath-taking and the father singing to his daughter, just precious. I am SO happy that you had a wonderful time and that your trip was safe. :) I can't wait to see more!!
    Love ya my dear!!!!

  2. Thanks for taking me on vacation with you!

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    ~Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage