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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Daybed and outdoor room completed! Ready for Summer!

Yay!!! The Daybed and "outdoor room" are done! We're ready for all the fantastic warm sunny days that are headed our way (hopefully)! 

Because our patio/deck are is an odd size, it was impossible to find a gazebo that would fit it perfectly, so...we had to improvise! We found a large screened gazebo that is about 9 x 13. Our deck it 10 x 17...needless to say we would be loosing a fair bit of square footage. We found a smaller BBQ cover that is approximately 8 x 5. We decided to combine the two, allowing us to have almost the entire deck space under cover. It's a bit odd, but it works.
(If we owned the house, we'd build a screeneds in porch)

We decided to put the daybed I made under the smaller awning, which is just the perfect size.
We had to cut the legs on the smaller awning shorter by six inches so that it would fit just under the other larger enclosure. They overlap just a bit. The larger gazebo came with both curtains and screening, which zip together. It was easy to relocate the curtains and screen to include the smaller awning, making the two like one larger enclosure. I like how the daybed tucks in, making it a cozy little nook. 

 On Friday we took a quick trip across the border to Bellingham to do a bit of shopping and I found a set of sheets in the perfect color for just $11 at Target. I used the sheets to make covers for the daybed and some cushions, together with the colorful Mexican tile fabric and yellow fabric I already had. 

The Colors are happy summer colors and I just love how it turned out. I like the challenge of doing this kind of stuff frugally & it always feels good to get a great deal! 

 It is a pretty, cozy spot.
(I'm sitting right there now as I write this post!)
 Because the deck is in such rough shape (will be replaced next year) I used
a Mexican blanket as a rug on the daybed side. It's cheap, fits the "theme" and is washable.
 The eating area "rug" is made of cheap beach mats I attached together.
The large pot is a fire pot (gel fuel) we purchased at Walmart for $20.
It's just lovely to sit here blogging & looking out to my pretty garden, although not much is in bloom yet, but what is, sure is pretty!
Clematis is one of my faves!

Pretty Poppies

 I have a family of chickadees living in my birdhouse.

Yes...I'm pretty happy just sitting here right now...
All I need is a cold beer...
hmm...maybe a Chilada?
 Perfect! Shall I make one for you?

 The tradition evolved along the Mexican Rivera into the “chelada” – a slang variation of “helada” – which means “iced”. This evolved even further into Michelada, or “My iced beer.” The variations created are as numerous as the regions of Mexico, but the foundation is always the same…Mexican Lager served over ice with the juice of half a lime, a slice of lime and a salted rim. 
It's yummy! 

Cheers my friends, wish you were here!
Here's too many sunny days and warm moon lit nights!
  Thanks for following!

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  1. OH MY GOSH hunny this is beautiful!! A perfect oasis for you and your sweetie! :) I LOVE LOVE how you put this together, the colors, the rugs and treasures that you picked up shopping! LOVE everything about this. You should be very proud of this!! Your flowers are gorgeous as well, such a perfect spot to enjoy the summer days and night! ooh la la!! ;)
    I would love to come join you for a Chelada, it sounds wonderful!!
    Love ya dear girl!