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Saturday, June 11, 2011

There's something about it - The old house by the sea.

To some people this poem will just sound silly. But I am a romantic, a dreamer and I see beauty in things that have been used, loved, and show it proudly.  I see the wear and tear in some things like badges of honor...signs of purpose and strength. Battle scars, maybe. We’ve all seen some battles, wars and triumphed, although not left unscathed. Haven’t we? Even if we don’t win, if we’re still left standing, we’re happy. I also see potential, and I think this home still has some of that.

This “Casa” on the beach in Puerto Morelos, Mexico caught my eye and my heart while walking the beach early one morning. At first I thought it was empty, but while taking pictures of it I saw someone moving around inside. Had it not been so early, I would have knocked and asked the occupant some questions about the house. I may have even been brazen enough to ask to see the inside, because my mind was curious and my heart was so smitten with it’s charm.  I think when we return next year, I may just go to the door with a bag of croissants and see if I can bribe my way into a tour! I am haunted by this house, It visits me almost daily in my dreams, and there I am, sitting watching the sunrise. Do you have a house that call’s to you too?

There's something about it, 
this old house by the sea, 
It looks old and beaten,
But it's still appealing to me.

It's seen a few storms,
Of this I am sure,
But for a romantic like me,
That ads to the allure.

If those walls could talk,
They’d have a story or two,
Of pelting rain and hurricanes,
Just to name a few.

The stucco is crumbling,
And in some spots it’s gone,
it must have had color,
But now there is none.

The window’s are wooden,
With old wavy glass,
White lace curtains adorn them,
Which I’d love to see past.

There’s something about it,
That’s just oozing charm.
The red tiles on the roof
Are mostly broken or gone.

The weather vane still stands proudly,
Turning gently in the wind,
I stand there and wonder,
How did this home’s story begin?

What did it look like,
All shiny and new,
And if you saw it,
Would it appeal to you too?

It stands there honestly,
With nothing to hide,
If it were mine,
I’d own it with pride.
I'd paint it with color,
and scrub the tile floors,
I'd re-finish the window's
and oh, so much more...

It’s like a brave soldier,
Who’s lived through some wars,
Left there and still standing,
Just waiting for more.

I stood and took pictures,
Because I wanted you to see,
This house that’s so charming,
Even if only to me.

When you look at these pictures,
Of this neglected old home,
Do you see it too,
Or am I dreaming alone?

I imagine just sitting,
My true love and me,
Just sitting and talking,
While looking out to the beautiful sea.

Perhaps it's a mirage,
That you cannot see,
Or maybe a dream,
that's just meant for me...

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  1. Sandra this is beautiful! Your way with words just touches my soul. This is such a gorgeous home with all its worn charm, I can see why it resides in your heart. What an amazing place to live and I hope that you can get that tour next year, I am sure that they would love to share the history with you.