I am a wife, a mother, an auntie and a friend. I love thrifting, garage sales, re-purposing, creating, painting, anything that makes our little rental home more welcoming, comfortable and cozy. I have discovered the "art" of amateur photography & I love the idea of capturing the beauty in the ordinary everyday things that surround us. Blogging is a wonderful way to make new friends and share with people who have the same interests. My personal taste in decorating leans towards "casual cottage/coastal decor". I now have a small shop on etsy, called "SandySeashore" where you'll find some of my vintage finds, my photography and some handmade things. I hope you take the time to check it out! Thanks for droppin' in!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Frugal Frenchie's Finds

Hello my lovelies! I sure hope everyone is enjoying the same weather we are!
It's absolutely gorgeous outside. It's 9:30 a.m. on this lovely Sunday morning, I'm sitting here in my "outdoor room", with my compaq mini and a coffee, my dog Molly at my side....what more could one ask for? Bliss, absolute bliss...

I thought I'd show you my latest finds. My friend Karen was off on Friday, so we were able to do our thrifty Friday thing. I really enjoy these mornings with her, she is such a good friend. Here's what I found, big spender that I am! (no, not cheap, just frugal...LOL).

 A brass plaque to put on our front door $1
 A Salt Pig complete with sea salt and scoop for $2 (for hubby, he's the chef)

 Eight of these lovely white linen napkins for $3
 A white shell frame for the only picture I have of my mom and I, $4

This is the only picture I have of the two of us, I think that frame is perfect!

This was a "splurge" for me, $6.

A little wooden box to add to my collection, 
with a recessed lid, which I intend to beautify $1.

I found this unusual "crate like" box, not sure what it is....for $1.
There are these straps on the back.....?

This pretty little vase for 50 cents.
 Karen found this sweet top for me, it looks really nice on.

That's it for Friday's finds.

 Saturday morning, hubby and I went to a couple of garage sales....here's what we found...

An antique doll high chair...
"Why would a 47 y.o. woman, with a 24 y.o. son, and not a doll in the house, buy this?" 
You ask....WELL...
 BECAUSE!!!! It makes a perfect little table for my Compaq Mini!
PERFECT! And cute too! $2.50
(HA! and you thought I was losing my mind! Didn't ya?)
 These two little boxes...
 This one is made of ox bone and was 50 cents,
 This old shell one was 25 cents.
 These pretty pillow cases, hand embroidered for 25 cents each x 5

  Pretty aren't they?

Oh, I almost forgot, I got this Ikea tray for $3
and this pretty pink linen ruffled jacket


While in Saskatchewan visiting my niece I found these two little things at a dollar store of all places.
 The beach sign was broken in the handling of my suitcase, but is repairable.

 This cute little sun bathing sign was $3.

Now...I have had a few people suggest that I start an on-shop to sell my finds. I would also sell my own paintings, things I've made and things I've sewn.
Do you think anyone would be interested?
Is it a feasible idea?
Your thoughts would be appreciated.




  1. More beautiful finds my dear and I thought that with the highchair there was something that you were hiding from us! ;) That is a great idea. I love the shirts that you found, they are so pretty and the photo of you and your mom is priceless, it will look beautiful in the frame. :)
    I say give it a go with the shop, you are so talented and creative, I think that you will do very well!

  2. Absolutely it is feasible!! Go for it ... it will be fun! Just think how much more you can buy! After all ... you are going to sell it ... and when you do you will have to buy more ... and so on and so on and so on!!