I am a wife, a mother, an auntie and a friend. I love thrifting, garage sales, re-purposing, creating, painting, anything that makes our little rental home more welcoming, comfortable and cozy. I have discovered the "art" of amateur photography & I love the idea of capturing the beauty in the ordinary everyday things that surround us. Blogging is a wonderful way to make new friends and share with people who have the same interests. My personal taste in decorating leans towards "casual cottage/coastal decor". I now have a small shop on etsy, called "SandySeashore" where you'll find some of my vintage finds, my photography and some handmade things. I hope you take the time to check it out! Thanks for droppin' in!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

I won't give up yet!

So, on my last post, I debated the whole "to blog or not to blog" question. Some of my dear followers/friends kindly responded with their opinions and wonderful words of wisdom. To these lovely souls, I say "Thank you!" you have no idea how much I appreciate (and needed  to hear your kind words and encouragement). 

As anyone who blogs will tell you, blogging is a time consuming, but enjoyable hobby that can be very rewarding in itself. However, part of the reward the followers reaction to your work. My main goal in sharing my projects is to inspire others. I remember a time when I was afraid to pick up a power tool and take on a task, any DIY project seemed monumental to me. Now, I feel as though I could take on (at least try anyway) any project. It's empowering, especially for women, like me, who used to wait for someone else to do it for them (I'm not very patient, so maybe that's what drove me to it!) lol.

While pondering my recent dilemma, I realized that I not only do it for others, but really do enjoy it, myself. I LOVE that DIY bloggers are like a community of nesters who enjoy beautifying their homes and support and encourage one another. I've made some acquaintances through my blog, as well as a few friends. One friend in particular (You know who you are!) will remain a life long friend, even though we live thousands of miles apart. It's kind of like being at a resort (I WISH) with all your friends that have the same interests as you and sharing ideas and accomplishments. What could be more inspiring to a creative person? (Except maybe actually being at a resort and meeting these lovely souls!)

So, I'm going to be "Cheeky" shall we say, and ask anyone who follows me thru Facebook, who hasn't signed up as a follower directly on my blog, to PLEASE take the time to actually join as a follower. 

It's easy, at the top of the blog, on the left hand side, where it say's follow, click on it and go from there. After you've done that, you will have no problem leaving comments if you are so inclined.

You taking the time to do this will help me tremendously. I will then have a much better idea of how many people are taking the time to look at my posts.  Hopefully, I can then have at least 30 followers? LOL. I promise it won't take but a minute of your time, and will inspire and encourage me to continue...Thank you!

Now, having said that, back to blogging subject matter!!! LOL. 




  1. Oh hunny I am SO HAPPY!! (insert dancing here) You can take on the world my friend and I will be right there beside you!! And WHAT? you were afraid to use power tools? I never would have guess that, you are a natural. :)
    I love you dearly and I am so glad that you are here to show the world your amazing skills!

  2. I'm here - your faithful friend and fan - PC

  3. Sandra, Hi! I am Suzanne, a follower of yours for a couple of weeks now, I think it's been.

    I came here thru my Dashboard that reminded me that folks I "follow" have some stuff to look at that's new. Well, I've been here for like an hour today and have enjoyed it alot- and can hardly wait to carve out some more time to come back soon (in the next couple of days, God Willing).

    I just came across this post for two days ago asking folks to remember to "follow" you formally. You know something? I never even noticed that you didn't have hundreds of followers already. I guess I assumed you did because you have such a wonderful, helpful, interesting and INSPIRING site.

    I'm happy to count myself as one of your followers, but I hope you have more and more and more and more followers as time goes on.

    You DESERVE it.

    You make me SMILE,
    Suzane in NW Illinois