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Saturday, August 20, 2011

More thrift finds!

Hello my friends!  Yes, more thriftiness...Some of you have told me you wish you could come thrifting with me, so here we go...So happy you could join me...
Got your wallet? Just a few dollars will do...
Okay, then, let's get at it!
 Our first stop, the Old Chapel, turned thrift store!
 Do you like it? I think it's adorable, and for $1, a great deal!
 Are you into the lemon trees? $3 each....
 Now, wouldn't those be wonderful for a scrapbooker? Already Sold!
 Wasn't sure about the large handmade wall hanging, what do you think? $10
 Anyone into peacock feathers?
 There's some of that old tarnished silver some people rave about, $1 a piece!
 I have to admit it was hard for me to pass these little white dishes up...50 cents each.

 Although, I may have purchased the wooden napkin rings for $2...

 These were $1 ea.
 I'm really into vintage books now, I picked up a few.

Let's check out another place, just a short walk away...
 This baby was SOLD, but a bit pricey by my standards...$50
 OOOh, What's this?

 A vintage Atlas...from 1944!
 Let's just take a peak...
 It's so pretty with all the beautifully aged pages...

 Wait! What's this at the back? Some one's saved some clippings...It's JFK!

 Ah, little Caroline with her daddy. in 1961.

 Ok, now this is a funny picture! Who's this guy? and why is he tucked in there with JFK?
 Who is, or was, I should say, Whipper Watson?
 Of course, I had to buy this Atlas for a mere $2, 
and Googled this guy as soon as I got home!

William John Potts, O.Ont (July 25, 1915 – February 4, 1990) was a Canadian professional wrestler best known by his ring name Whipper Billy Watson, and was a two-time world heavyweight wrestling champion. Whipper Watson drew more than five million people in main events of shows in Toronto. As one of the most popular wrestlers in the city’s history, Watson spent 31 years entertaining fans. His debut at Maple Leaf Gardens was on October 3, 1940, and his last match was held on November 28, 1971.[1]

So Cool!

Now, I'm not a wrestling fan, but I'm thinking a mint condition, autographed 8x10 photo of the "Whipper" just might be worth something to someone out there? Should I put it up on Ebay for someone who is a fan to enjoy? Or should I just keep it, cause it's interesting!?

That was fun, worth the $2, not only did I get a great vintage atlas, but 'cause I learned about the "Whipper" and found those newspaper clippings of JFK! LOL..You just never know what you're gonna find, do ya?
 I also picked up this vintage (1955) book.

 I told you, I may have purchased these....

 They are in great shape and likely from the 70's.
 I also picked up this white 3/4 length sleeve t-shirt with a little detail for $3...
a pretty ruffled green shirt for $3, and a pair of denim capri pants for $2.50

 I was thrilled to find this little necklace for $1.50...
for those of you who don't speak french, the English translation is on the other side!
 I LOVE it!
 It's only fitting that I show you my next find immediately after the "BELIEVE" necklace...

 It's in awesome condition.
 And cost me a whole dollar! 
 Now, let's check out the "General Store"
Technically not a thrift store, more of a used goods store.
but it always has some great treasures! 

 I spotted the antique doll high chair a few weeks ago, almost exactly like mine (I use it to hold my Compaq Mini). I bought mine at a garage sale for $2.50, this one was much more!

 It's a special shop. Has a real "old time General Store" feeling to it.
I love browsing and looking for treasures in there!

I hope you had fun thrifting, I sure did!

Oh! Look, Lofty Living next door is having a sale, do you wanna take a look?
Just a peek!


 All I can say about this store and everything in it is:

I hope you enjoyed the little
"shop 'til you drop
tour today!
Enjoy the weekend!

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  1. Oh my gosh again, what amazing stores! I would LOVE to go shopping with you, there is so much by you. I love your finds and that last store is yummy for sure!! Thank you for taking us sweetie.