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Friday, February 11, 2011

Several Parts Make it Whole

In today's disposable society people throw out all kinds of great things! I have absolutely no shame when it comes to pilfering from what other people call "garbage". Too many re-usable things end up in the landfill where they will take more than our lifetime to decompose, if they do at all. I've been known to stop on the side of the road and load a find into my car, always with a certain twinkle in my eye, knowing exactly where or how I will use it. Sometimes, if it's a really great find but I'm not sure what to do with it, I'll take it, store it in the workshop, and contemplate it's fate for a while. Either way, one man's trash can definitely be one of my treasures! Living in a large complexe of several townhouses and apartments, there are often great things left by the disposal bin....
I had been thinking about building a glass fronted cabinet for the kitchen. It needed to be a certain size to fit between the counter and the baseboard heater, because of other projects, I kept putting this one off. One day, I spotted two brand new unfinished glass front doors by the disposal bin, I thought they might be the right size for the cabinet I was planning to build, so I put them away in the workshop (they were there for a year).
 While "Garage Saling" I came upon this piece, it too was unfinished. As soon as I saw it, I knew it would be the perfect size for the cabinet I wanted. I nabbed it for 6$. Perfect.

I stained it darker and replaced the tiles.

The same day someone had left an Ikea dresser by the disposal bin. The drawers were broken, but the body of the dresser was fine....It looked to be the right size. I hauled it into the house, it was indeed the perfect size. I painted it, added a wood top. Put shelves where the drawers used to be. Added my glass doors, the "crown" on top. And of course, some jewelry...the glass knobs I bought at another garage sale for 5$ for both.
This is the finished product.

Total cost: 6$ for "crown", 5$ for knobs, 2$ for small knobs on faux drawer = 13$!

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  1. Simply amazing, a talent I've never had and so much admire!