I am a wife, a mother, an auntie and a friend. I love thrifting, garage sales, re-purposing, creating, painting, anything that makes our little rental home more welcoming, comfortable and cozy. I have discovered the "art" of amateur photography & I love the idea of capturing the beauty in the ordinary everyday things that surround us. Blogging is a wonderful way to make new friends and share with people who have the same interests. My personal taste in decorating leans towards "casual cottage/coastal decor". I now have a small shop on etsy, called "SandySeashore" where you'll find some of my vintage finds, my photography and some handmade things. I hope you take the time to check it out! Thanks for droppin' in!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Frugal Frenchie's Friday Finds

YES! It's Friday again!!! My friend Karen and I checked out our favourite thrift stores, had some lunch and checked out a few more...here are today's treasures:

 I had spotted these pretty little framed needlework pictures in the General Store about a month ago. I really liked them. They were $10 for both. 
They loook to be at least 30-40 years old. One of them didn't have the glass in the frame anymore. I wasn't willing to pay the original price because I thought I'd have to replace the frames (which are old and quite cute). I noticed them again, last week...they'd been marked down to $7....hmmm. I talked myself out of buying them then, too. Today they were marked down again, to $5! Couldn't resist them at that price!!! I found a frame for 50 cents at another thrift store, removed the glass and put it in the old frame, so they are perfect now!

They are soooo cute!

I also found this cute "rope" frame for $2

LOVED it! Not so much the finish on it though, maybe in white?

Ah! Now that I LIKE! :)

Also found a nice tin tissue box "cover"
(but it too was in the wrong colour)


 Pretty coloured recycled glass starfish
 Little brass/glass mirror bottomed box

 A little window cleaner and a beautiful seashell..PRETTY!
 I also found a pretty linen table runner...

 FOR $1.50!!!

I hope you enjoyed this week's little treasures!


  1. great finds Sandra! you really know how to shop!
    I am in Mexico with my mama and home next week... we should walk??

  2. It was so much fun today!!!xo

  3. I love these things.