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Friday, April 22, 2011

Frugal Frenchie's Friday Finds! For Free!

I know, I know, I should be packing and not thrifting.....but I can't help myself! :) 

Apparently the Canucks aren't scoring big these days, but I DID!!!

Today is the Complex`s Spring Clean Up Day....YAY!  Every year in
the spring, the complex has some areas fenced off for the tenants to put anything they want to get rid of in, to be hauled away to the dump.  A Junker's dream come true!!!!!!LOL

We usually have our share of junk to put into the pile, but we always check out what everyone else is getting rid of too! I know, I know... "Garbage Picker", you're thinking...I prefer to call it "creative recycling", thank you!

So here's what I poached from the pile this year!!!! 

 two of these peg thingy's
what did you find mummy?

 Please show me!!!

This sad looking little bistro set!
  (I`ll make it happy again when I return from my vacation)
 This run down little coffee table....
 the cute little cutlery caddy AND replacements for those dishes I broke! Imagine that! Someone had the same dishes as me!
 Three little sundae dishes, just so happens there are three of us in this little cottage :) and a nice white olive dish, some white ramekin dishes (could also be used for wasabi and soy sauce) for sushi!

 a replacement for a broken dessert plate and cup!

 and I found this peggy thingy...it really looks old..
 What could I use that for....any ideas Molly...Anyone else got any ideas....eh. (Canadian ya know).

 It kinda looks like a folk art piece....hmmmm.
I also found several pieces if molding that I know I will use somewhere!

There`s still tomorrow for me to check the pile! HEE HEE.

(I`m really smilin` a big ol`smile right now, and it`s not just the wine I had this evening!!!)  I swear! :)

If I find anything else that`s worth showing you tomorrow, I`ll post it, if not, see ya after our vacation in paradise!!!!
Thanks for following!

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  1. Hello! Sandra. Thks for comment in my blog. Wow! That a big found, in fact I do "creative recycling" some times. I always check with the recycle center at my place to see if there anything interesting been thrown out...I will be love to give a second life to it! The beauty you collected look promising to be convert into a organizing tools..bags hanging..signs..toilet roll holder.... ahhh.. just remember to share when you done with it..can't wait to see it 'alive' again!