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Thursday, April 21, 2011

A few wishes for my friends!

I just wanted to say a few words to you, my blog friends:

My hubby and I are going to our favourite place, the Mayan Riviera, for two weeks, so I won't be bloggin' for a while....the Caribbean ocean inspires me so much...
I wrote this on our first trip back to Mexico in 2009. It's called "She beckons me home"

As I woke up this morning
In this beautiful place
I looked to my husband
And saw a smile on his face

A smile in his sleep
Means joy in his heart
I can't help but smile too
Feeling such love in my heart.

I quietly dressed
And grabbed the camera, eager to see
What beautiful things
She has to show me.

As I quietly leave our room by the sea
I can hear her soft voice
She is whispering to me

My feet hit warm sand
As I walk on Her shore
Everywhere I look
I see Her beauty and more

I watch the sun struggle
To peek through the clouds
The colors so rich & amazingly loud.
Never have I seen a more beautiful sight,
all painted for me, in colors so bright.

I sit here alone, in this moment in time
Knowing that all this is for me,
This moment is mine.

No one around to share this glorious sight
My soul feels so full
I know it is right.

As a sense of calm comes over me
I feel so content,
So whole and complete.

She gave me a gift,
She means it for me
She gave me a gift,
No one else will ever, ever see.

"She" is the Ocean, so humble, so strong
She beckons me closer:
"Why don't you come in?"
I suddenly realize this isn't a dream.

The beauty around me is so surreal;
that I cannot believe all that I feel
I slowly walk closer, my feet in the sand
Holding some of her amazing treasures tightly in my hand

As I get wet, I feel so alive
She surrounds me with love,
And I know, I've arrived.

If home is where the heart is,
Then this is my home
For nowhere else have I ever felt
So fulfilled & happy,
While completely alone. 

I look forward to next time
We meet at Her shore,
When She'll fill me with calm
And replenish my soul.

Until next time...

We leave Easter Sunday, so I'd like to wish everyone a
May you have a wonderful Easter with Family and Friends!

and since we don't return until May 9th.....to all you Mother's OUT THERE....

 Remember to take some time for yourself! 

My son and I

Eric and I in 1987

Mom and me 1969.   She passed away when I was 20. I miss her everyday.



See you soon, 



  1. Sandra, my dear friend, this is so beautiful!! I can't tell you how much I understand what you are saying. I have a special place too that beckons my soul, where my heart lives and where I go each year to ease that ache when I am away. :)
    I adore your pictures of you and your son and you and mom, they are so sweet and so special. :)
    Happy Easter to you and Happy Mothers Day and have the best trip ever!!!!!

    p.s. would you mind if I shared your poem on my blog this weekend?

  2. Hello from Malaysia. I'm PC your new fan. Love everything in your blog. I just start blogging and I am eager to link with all creative frugal moms. Cheers!

  3. Such a lovely poem..I have a special place I go just to sit and think :) have a great holiday x