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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Come have a coffee with me in my little cottage garden! Oh, and could ya do some weeding while you're here?

The sun is shining, it's warm, flowers are blooming, (weeds are growing!), the birds are singing....perfect morning for a coffee in the garden, with my faithful companion, (no, I don't mean MOLLY!), my camera. LOL

 Pretty little rose I didn't know I had!
 Now, that's the kind of surprises I'd like more of!
Although not much is in bloom, what is just makes my morning!
Pink peonies are my absolute favorite flowers!
I prefer my garden to look natural, not too planned, but this is ridiculous!
WEED, SANDRA, WEED! It's not a dirty word, maybe a dirty job, but no, not a dirty word!!! LOL
(Yes, I am talking to myself on the www! Nuttier than a bag of cashews you say? Probably! but I'm trying to get myself excited about the prospect of WEEDING!)
Maybe this post should have been titled
"The rantings of a deranged gardener"???
 My climbing rose has spots, anyone have a remedy that is environmentally friendly?
 mm mmm, the scent is heavenly!
 The sunshine face is in honor of my favourite Uncle, he has the sweetest smile and a very special place in my heart!
I love you Uncle Bubbie! XX
See that chair in the background? It's waiting for ya!
 See what I mean!!!? WEED! Sandra, WEED!!!
 Yes, this is three foot tall grass in my rose bed! Told ya.
But ya know, it looks pretty in that picture, doesn't it?!
(say yes, so I can procrastinate longer! LOL)

 The rustier it gets, the more I like it!
reminds me I need to fill it with some!

"Faeries can fly because they take themselves lightly"

Now, how many of us can say that!??

  This little bird can!
 "Did someone say BIRD?"
Don't let the cuteness or innocent little face fool you, she's our household pet pest, Molly.
My anti-bird watching sidekick.
See the evil in her eyes? She's just waiting for a little innocent birdie, so she can scare the poop out of it! LOL
 "WHO ME? Do I look EVIL to you, I mean, really?"
Ha! this one isn't afraid! It's even moved in!!!
(that's gonna make her crazy!)
hee hee! 
OK, enough kidding around, time to get ready for work!
See ya later!
Have a GREAT DAY & Thanks for following!

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  1. Your garden is beautiful even with all the weeds!! I would love to come sit in that chair and watch you weed hunny! LOL! Actually I would love to help. :) Is that Queen Ann's Lace? That is one of my favorites, so delicate and so pretty. :) Molly is a sweetie and I know that look, Baja loves to go after those squirrels. :) I have no idea how to get rid of the spots on the roses, that is why I dug mine up because I couldn't keep them pretty. :(
    I hope your week is going well my friend.
    Hugs to you!!