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Monday, June 13, 2011

Recognizing Kindness - My Everyday Hero

 My Everyday Hero

Anyone who knows my husband Mike, knows he has a kind, compassionate heart. He is a Residential Care Aid in a Government run Extended Care Residence for the elderly. He has been in the position of Care Aid for seven years now, but has been in the same work environment for over 25 years. 

He genuinely enjoys the daily interactions with the elderly residents and has become fond of many. He grieves when someone passes, worries when someone is sent off to the hospital and feels sadness for those who are alone and have no family to visit them. He listens and goes along with the stories of
those who have dementia, knowing that anything else causes frustration and anger. He is patient, kind, compassionate and caring. He treats residents with the care and respect he would like his own mother to get if she were in a care home. Langara is their home and he does his best to make it a comfortable one.

He's been known to bring a "treat" for a patient who has a fondness for "hot dogs" or a certain brand of cereal, or to lend DVD's & books.  He's brought much loved, delicate stuffed animals home to wash with care, knowing the owner would be devastated if it were destroyed.  At Christmas time he does all the work and preparation involved in cooking a complete turkey dinner to be shared by residents and staff. 

His job is not an easy one, nor is always pleasant. He changes adult diapers, does daily care, bathes, dresses, feeds, dispenses medication. He has been spat on, among other things, hit, punched, cursed at and yet he still cares deeply.

Very few people have the kind of heart that is required to be a good care aid.
He does and I am very proud of him. 

It gives me great pleasure to share with you the fact that Mike is the recipient of the 2011 Individual Mission Award In Residential Care - within the Providence Health Care Community (over 9000 Employees).

The awards program was established to recognize individuals and teams who demonstrates through their work the enduring power of the legacy of the founding sisters, which focuses upon "a practical charity founded in compassion, justice and care for all; risk taking in responding to unmet needs; prudent stewardship of resources and trust in Providence as well as the energy of shared values to provide meaning and direction to one's mission in life".

The recipient is chosen for the award by a committee, based on nominations from peers, residents and their family members. This testimony is just one of the statements received about Mike's work, which provides hope and inspiration to all the Providence Health Care Community:

"He is a genuine blessing and it would make many proud to see him acknowledged for all the good he has done and continues to do in our home".

 Mike and others like him will be honored at a meeting/luncheon on June 15th, 
2011 during which a video interview with Mike will be shown that will highlight his contribution to the Providence Health Care community. 

I think that Mike is the perfect example of someone who treats others the way that he would want to be treated. Thank you Mike for making a difference in so many lives, the elderly community deserves the care and respect you give everyday, you are indeed a special person.

 Please join me in congratulating Mike 
on receiving this well deserved award!!!

Congratulations Mike!!!



  1. Congratulations to your husband Mike! When my mother fell a couple of years ago I took her in to my home before we placed her in an extended care facility. I know how difficult it is to care for an elderly person...your nerves and emotions are frayed at times. I applaud your husband for taking care of the elderly and infirm. It really does take a special kind of person to do this rewarding job!

  2. Congratulations to your wonderful hubby Mike!! That is so great and you must be so proud of him. I can imagine the connections you make with residents there and I bet that it is very hard when they pass. What an honor and it certainly says a lot about him and his heart. You are very lucky to have someone with a big and heart and caring soul but like you said to me, it takes one to know one. :)
    Love to you and please pass on the congrats and hugs to Mike. :)

  3. Congratulations Mike. It's wonderful when someone is recognized for such genuine qualities. And some people are just made for certain professions.,


  4. Sandra, I just noticed your sweet face on my sidebar. Thank you so much for becoming a follower. My Moms hubby is in a residential care home for dementia and I know first hand how devoted the workers are and they would have to love the people and what they do to keep doing some of the things they have to deal with on an hourly basis. Kudos to your hubby Mike for being so loyal and giving to the elderly, He has a true gift, Kathysue

  5. Congrats to Mike for the award...and glad for you..to 'own' the hero ..xoxo PC