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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Memories of my father - On Father's Day

Memories of my father,
Lost so long ago,
I still can hear his laughter,
And the scent  of his cologne.

The softness of his green work shirt,
I still feel against my cheek,
The sweetness of his kisses,
As he lifts me off my feet.

He tosses me, but gently
So I can almost touch the sky,
He was my greatest hero,
As fathers should be in their daughter's eyes.

He tended to his flowers
With tender loving hands,
Yet could build almost anything,
I was his biggest fan.

We loved to go ice skating,
or he'd pull me in the sleigh,

We’d stop and have hot chocolate,
Those were such special days.

When I was in the hospital,
He was the last to leave at night,
When I’d wake up in the morning,
He’d be right there in my sight.

He didn't get to be there
On graduation day,
And he never got the chance
To give his only daughter away.

Never got to be a Grand-Dad,
Or see my baby boy,
Who’s grown into a great young man,
I know he would enjoy.

I miss you Daddy Dearest,
You were a special man,
I’m glad I have my memories,
And I will forever be your greatest fan.

For my Dad, who I miss everyday, even now, 35 years after losing him.

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  1. Oh hunny this is absolutely beautiful. Your writing really does touch my heart. I hope you had a good day today and enjoyed the sweet memories of you and your daddy, he was a very special man who raised a very special daughter. :)
    Many hugs to you!