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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Beachy Bedroom complete with Canopy!!!

In a previous post I showed pictures of canopy beds I liked. Like I said, I've wanted one for a long time...I envisioned long white wispy curtains flowing' in the breeze...just like those beautiful palapas at the Resorts in Mexico. 

I've thought about creating that look for our master bedroom. The room is fairly small, although it does fit a king size bed, two bed side tables and a small dresser. I know that a four poster bed would be too much for the space...so how do I create the look I want? I want to do it frugally (of course), without compromising space. I have a plan!

My first stop was to the dollar store. I bought:

4 Plant hooks (they only had them in brass, so I sprayed them white) $2

4 White cup hooks $1

4 White "S" type hooks to hang planters on $2

Then to the hardware store, I bought:
4 pieces of 1 x 2 pine, 8' long @ $1.45 each.

I also purchased 3 spools of thin white satin ribbon @ 99 cents each.

I cut (to the size of our king size bed) the 1 x 2, sanded, primed and painted them white.

I drilled holes to attach them together in a rectangle frame. I then affixed one cup hook in each corner of the frame.  I measured (on the ceiling) where I wanted to hang the frame, and screwed the plant hooks into the ceiling.  I used the "s" hooks to attach the frame to the ceiling hook.

I already had white mosquito netting that I had used in our previous outdoor room for 2 summers. All it needed was a good wash with some bleach and it's as good as new!
This is the finished product! I love it!

 Here's how it's all attached. I used ribbon to tie the curtains to the frame.
(pardon the ugly popcorn ceiling, if it were our house it would be gone!)

The current headboard is made from two skinny cabinet doors and some molding. It will soon be replaced with a more substantial headboard made from a 100 year old door we bought in Seattle at the Re-store.

 These are photos I took in Mexico and had enlarged and framed
(we added the panelling a few years ago).

  white peonies and pink roses from my garden
They smell so nice!
One of the old chippy French Bistro chairs I got for free, got a couple of coats of white, and my $3 giant shell sits on top to holds magazines.

These little lovelies made their way into the bedroom, on my side of the bed of course!
Cushion made from a tea towel
"My heart will always be in a cottage by the sea"
I built the white bench at the foot of the bed, our dog Molly needs it to get up there. 
I absolutely love the look, soft and inviting.
 I also made the mirror using a full length mirror purchased at a garage sale for 5$, to which I added some moldings I had left over from another project. A little distressing and voila!

I made the matching bed side tables by cutting a 5 drawer dresser (bought at a garage sale for $5) in half. By doing so, I lost one drawer, which allowed for the legs. It worked perfectly. I just had to make a few adjustments and add a top piece to the second one, some glass knobs (ordered on e-bay) and Bob's your uncle!

 This dresser was also a garage sale find (for $10). It was too low to the ground, so I removed the "skirting" it had, and added long legs to it. It got primed and painted white, a little distressing and some glass knobs like the bed side tables.
The blue mirror and lamp are from garage sales as well.
Mirror $5 Lamp $2
Blue curtains are from Ikea.

Looking out into the hallway.

 Do remember this little tea light holder I got at the thrift store for 50 cents? I love the shadows it cast's on the walls. It's so pretty!
I'm just sittin' up in bed blogging and lovin' it!!!
It's almost like being on a tropical getaway!
cost of canopy  = roughly $15
(hardware, wood and ribbon)
I hope you enjoyed your rather lengthy (sorry) tour of our 
Beachy Master Bedroom!
A special thanks goes out to Lisa @ Informal Home for the time she took to send me some pictures and advice re the canopy bed. Thanks Lisa!!! xx
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  1. Again, I say... talented gal!

  2. OH MY GOSH!! Did you hear my jaw hit the floor all the way over by you?!! This is GORGEOUS my dear, I am speechless by your endless creativity and mad skills!! Seriously!!!! I love the curtains swaying in the breeze, that is one of my favorite summer things!!! Your room looks like a perfect beach retreat and I bet you are LOVING it!!!!! The photos are beautiful and I am in awe of your dressers, what a great idea! I just love everything and I could go on and on!!!! I am smiling from ear to ear my friend, it is just beautiful!

  3. Love the canopy bed! I am seriously considering making one for our bedroom too...to keep the mosquitoes away! lol

  4. Sandra, I love it. The whole bedroom is gorgeous, and the canopy is just perfect.