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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Prettying up the Pantry!

A few years ago we found two of these very solid but somewhat unattractive 
storage cabinets on Craigslist, for $25 each. One found a home in our bedroom closet and is great as a "closet organizer". The other has been used in various places, finally making it's home in the kitchen. It is the perfect size to use as a food pantry, my only problem with it, is it's ugly! 

It's all made of melamine, similar to particle board. It's heavy and solid, but not wood. I don't like how it sits directly on the floor, because it has no feet. It doesn't fit in at all with my "cottage" look.....hmmm. I was thinking that I could build something else to replace it, or to be frugal, I could modify it to fit in more...Yeah! that's what I'll do.

Because of how the doors are designed, I can't trim out the doors to match the cupboard doors, or can I? If I used really thin slats of wood, I could!!!

So, that is exactly what I did. I had a large sheet of "door skin" which is a thin slice of wood that is meant to be laminated to damaged interior doors instead of replacing them. I measured what size slats I would need to frame out the doors and ripped the larger piece of door skin into 2 1/2 inch wide slats. I sanded them and applied them to the cabinet doors with "No More Nails" and secured them with duck tape until the adhesive dried.

I also had the bottom "platform" and feet off of an entertainment cabinet we took apart a while back. You know me, I save all the good parts! I had to modify the base piece a bit to make it fit the pantry cabinet, but it was worth it because I really like the little feet on it. Anything so that it doesn't sit flat on the floor anymore!

Aren't the little pudgy feet cute!?

 I tried, yet again to cut crown molding...I can do a lot of things, but alas, have yet to conker the all mighty 45 degree angle!!! LOL It drives me absolutely crazy that I can't do it!!! Argh! 

Hubby was nice enough to do it for me when he got back from work! 
Thanks Mikey! Love ya lots! XX (my hero!)
Even after just one coat of paint, it looks soooo much better...
It's amazing what a few wood slats, some molding and some cute little feet can do!

I was going to pick up knobs like the ones we put on the kitchen cupboard's, (they were expensive we got them at a specialty store), until I came across these at a garage sale today. 
 22 for 1$!

They are the exact same shape as the others, but a tad smaller. 
They are brass, but with a coat of spray....

Perfect! Just saved myself $20!
(not to mention I have 18 left if I ever need them!)

Here's the finished cabinet....
Drum roll please!!!

I am VERY happy with how it turned out!
Total cost $25 (two years ago), + $1 for knobs
(paint, added wood all from other projects)

Thanks for following!

(hmmm, what to tackle next?....)


  1. What a differce the new additions of slats of wood, crown, and those "pudgy feet" make to these smart cabinets. Good show! Spot on

    Smiles from me in Illinois
    Visiting from Miss Mustard Seed Linky Party this evening

  2. Sandra,
    I really like what you have done. I have the same problem with a cupboard that I own - you can't put anything too thick on it or the doors won't open, but now I know how to fix it. Well done and thanks for the tip.

  3. Sandra that is awesome! That is my kind of project, totally transformed and for just $1!!!