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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Frugal Frenchie's Garage Sale Goodies July 9, 2011

Hey There! Hope everyone is doing well on this fine summer afternoon!
This morning I went out to a few garage sales and found some more goodies.
One thing in particular was a really good find, but i'll tease you a bit and keep that one for last! LOL

 I found these old prints for $1 each.

 These are the backs.
 Last weekend my milk frother stopped working...today I found a new one!
 It was still in the box $1
 I quickly snapped up this old "milk glass" container, it looked to be in rough shape, but a little "vim" and a scrub brush fixed that in no time! $1

 Isn't it pretty!? I do love milk glass!
Normally I'm too cheap frugal to spend this much on something like this, but I couldn't resist these. Six iron Dragonfly napkin rings for $5. (I know, I splurged a little!) LOL
 This gorgeous studded black leather belt for $1
 A blue glass dish with beach glass for $1
 Large Ikea print for $1
 Ooops! How's she get in this post?
 A pretty beach scene with a lovely rustic frame for, yup, you guessed it, $1
 Cross stitched "Home Rules" for $1
 Nautical looking frame $2

 In a recent post, I showed you my ideas/plans for our little bathroom... One of the things I wanted was a bath caddy, to hold a book, a candle or whatever...
   Found one! $2

It's funny that sometimes when you get an idea in your head, the items you need to make that idea a reality slooooowwwwly fall into your hands...has that happened to you too?

Are you ready to see my GREAT FIND!?......

 I found this absolutely gorgeous glass vessel sink with drain kit, 
still in the box, for a mere 

I was thrilled with this find!!!

Maybe the bathroom makeover will happen sooner than I anticipated!
I'm going away for a week to visit my niece in Saskatchewan, I may blog from there, we'll be giving her kitchen a makeover, so it will be a busy time.

 Here are the "BEFORE" pictures..

 Stay tuned for the "AFTER"...
See you later.
Thanks for following...

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  1. You always find such wonderful things and BONUS with that beautiful sink!!! You lucky lady you! :) I can't wait to see you work your magic with it. :)