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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Beautiful Bike Ride!!!

What a GORGEOUS DAY! WOW! I decided to venture out on my bike, Daisy. Yes, I named my bike...I really love my cute little "retro-style cruiser", so I had to name her. Off I went with Daisy and my camera, in a different direction than I usually go. My favorite place to be is at the beach, so, that's usually where I head, to Gary Point. But not today, I felt a little adventurous today! Once I got to the Dyke trail, I headed north...what a great afternoon, exploring, taking pictures and just breathing in the fresh air! I'd like to share that with you.

This post is going to be long because I took soooo many pictures, but rather than assembling them in a "Smilebox" slide show like I usually do, I really want you to have time to look at them. I think some of them are just beautiful. I am reminded once again of how lucky I am to live here.

So, sit back with a cup of tea and imagine yourself riding along with me, enjoying the sunshine and the views. 

I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I did!

 Here we go...
If you're not up to a long bike ride and lots of scenery, I suggest you take a seat! LOL
 I'll be a while!

 Oreo cows?


 And I said to myself, what a wonderful world.

I came upon this old mailbox...

Then saw this pretty old farmhouse that is being restored by the City.

I had no idea this was here...so pretty.

this is the view from that house!

 Another old house that looks to be abandoned.

 There's just something about that white chippy paint that speaks to me!

These are the folks that once lived in that yellow house.

 Then I came upon this pond, I had no idea it was there until today.

 In the next shot, look closely...can you see them?

 I've never seen so many Dragonflies in all my life. They were everywhere!
 Have you ever seen a red one?

 I was completely awestruck! I mean really, look at those wings!
 I love this place, I'll be coming back to this spot for sure...

 Absolutely beautiful creature!

There's Daisy, just waiting for me...Lol

 Maybe this post should be marked X-rated...
I think they are...shall we say mating?

 Then I came upon a trail marked with this split rail fence...
 Hmmm, wanna check it out?
 If you're tired and want to turn back,
it's okay, I understand. I told you it was a long post...
OMG!!! We should have turned back!
 A very scary guard dog was guarding the entrance to a community garden I didn't know existed!
 I know! Terrifying isn't she?
It's okay, the owner say's she won't bite.

 Isn't it amazing?

 ...there's more! A healing garden...

 Then I came upon this Pom-pom with legs!

 Hmmm. (???) It had a pretty normal looking companion though.
 Okay, use the zooom for this shot! Yikes! Bees.

 I could hear these guys buzzzzzzing from 20 feet away!

 Are you tired? I know I am....time to head home.

 Pretty isn't it?  {sigh}
 What a great day for a long bike ride!

Aren't you happy you came along for the ride?
Thanks for following, now go and enjoy your week!


  1. Very nice pics, Sandra! I love the "oreo cows" and the beautiful flowers, the cute little dog and - of course - Daisy!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comment! I'll think about the translation thing...

  2. Absolutely gorgeous photography! I love the photo of the old chippy mailbox!

  3. Oh! Such a beautiful post - I have so many favorites in the album - I have bookmarked this page to visit again in the future!