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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Painted Lady

Someone left an old, ugly pantry cupboard by the bin outside. Hmmm. 

I swear my brain never stops! I started thinking about the cupboard my hubby made for me years ago that's been in our front closet, to store all our kitchen appliances in, you know the ones....rice cooker, veggie steamer, slow cooker....etc. which, really is a waste of a perfectly good piece of furniture.

So, I nabbed the ugly one from outside, hauled it in the house (who cares if it's ugly...it's going in the closet, right?) I took the doors off of it and used them to make two extra shelves. I took the nice one hubby made out of the closet and put the ugly one in, washed it down, covered the shelves with shelf paper and loaded everything back in. Done!

Now, what about this lovely girl?

She's seen a lot of different colors, she's been white, red, black and then this lovely beachy blue that I love. It used to have a door on the bottom part, so I hadn't painted the inside...

 It has beadboard backing and nice simple lines. I love it!

I like the finish on it too.
So, paint brush in hand...

By the way, painting beadboard is a PAIN IN THE TUSH! 
Just saying!
Here she is, the "Painted Lady"

I dressed her up with some pretty things...

 The Canisters came from the thrift store, I found the tea one, 
then a year later was delighted to find the coffee one!

The teapot, butter dish and creamer are also from thrift stores.

The large and small seashell dishes were a gift, as well as the four heart shaped bowls that fit together. The seashell lettering and the cheese cloche are from thrift stores.

 Seashell, coral and starfish are from Isla Mujeres, Mexico. :)
 (My favorite place in the world!)

 I love those fleur de lys glasses...so pretty!

 Again, more thrift store and garage sale finds.
 A soup tureen and a pretty glass fish platter given to me by my son.
 I love the colors on the platter.
My son and I are both Pisces, he bought me the platter for my birthday.

I really like how it turned out.
I know the chef hubby will be happy, I got all my pretty "girly" stuff out of his organized cabinets!

I'm contemplating a glass door for her...?
Now that's done, what next?!
I hope you had a great weekend!


  1. Love your "new" cupboard... very nice & beachy color!! And the decoration is also very, very cute!! Great job, Sandra!!! Sunny Sunday to you!


  2. Gosh I miss you guys and you have so much talent its amazing :) can't wait to see more of your work

  3. Oooh hunny that is gorgeous!! I love the color and I adore your treasures!!! Your home is so beautiful my friend and everything looks perfect.

  4. She's adorable! Sorry you was a pain to paint, but ohhhhhhhhhh sooooooo worth it!

    Looks lovely,
    A follower,
    Suzanne in Illinois