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Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Sweet Summer's Day!

White bed linens gently sway in the breeze,
Every movement filling the air with the scent of fresh laundry,
Summer days are full of ease,
Aren't they? 

The birds sing loudly from the trees behind me,
One is watching me intently from the top of the birdhouse,
wondering if it is safe to bathe freely,
in the water warmed by the sun.

I sit motionless as a stone statue,
And admire him, as he lands on the edge of the birdbath,
Eyeing me closely, not three feet away,
As he bathes, quickly, fluttering his wings and splashing about...
Tiny drops of water land on my arm, making me
Sending him off in flight, to meet his beloved after a warm summer bath.
I move to the shade and enjoy the sounds of summer,
Children laughing, a lawnmower in the distance,
Someone’s radio is playing “Good Life” and I sing along,
Thinking it’s the perfect song, right now, in this moment.

A large flock of finches  fly by and quickly turn around,
To my delight, ten or more perch on the wrought iron fence,
As slowly as I can and  without making a sound,
I get my camera from the house,
Only to return to see not a yellow beauty can be found!

I’ve moved to my favourite spot in the garden,
The afternoon sun embraces me in it’s warmth,
The sweet scented breeze cools me,
As this glorious, quiet summer afternoon soothes me,
and the wind chime serenades me.

The perfume of honeysuckle and phlox intoxicates me,
their pinks and yellows mingling in perfect harmony.
The blue of the hydrangeas as true and pure as the 
color of the afternoon's cloudless sky.


I listen intently to the sound of the bees in the phlox,
their buzzing is loud, as they fly from flower to flower,
I close my eyes, hearing them just inches away,
I do not flinch, knowing they are not interested in me,
Only in the sweet nectar that awaits them. 

Oh! what a sweet summer's day!

It simply amazes me how a few hours in the garden
On a beautiful summer’s day can bring such joy  and contentment.
I hope this will inspire each and every one of you to take a few moments or hours for yourself!



  1. Just beautiful my sweet friend! I am so happy that you were able to spend some time outside and enjoy everything around you. Your photos are gorgeous and your words make me feel like I am right there with you. :)

  2. Very lovely post!!! So happy I stopped by this morning:)

  3. Another beautiful post and make me day dream having a cup of tea in the garden with you! Love - PC