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Saturday, September 3, 2011

The gift of friendship!

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Gifts from a fellow Mermaid.

Imagine my surprise when I came home to such a huge box, sitting there waiting for me on the kitchen table! 
Postmarked Michigan, it could only be from my dear friend Michelle at http://emeraldcovejewelry.blogspot.com

Please take the time to check out Michelle's beautiful blog. She is loaded with talent! Trust me!

 (For a minute I thought she'd found an affordable way to travel!!!LOL)

She's one  CRAZY (good cazy - not bad crazy) Sea sister!

Talk about gifts that touch the heart?! She took mine out and performed major surgery on it with the beautiful handmade gifts she sent me! Wow, people must line up to be on her Christmas list! She truly gives from her heart! Holy Sea Sister!!!

Aren't the gifts from someone who knows your heart the absolute best?!

She is such a generous spirit, with her time, her heart and kindness. I am one LUCKY French girl de la mer, that's for sure! I love it all, it's like she lept into my heart and knew what to make for me. How can we know each other so deeply and yet we've never met? Our friendship is a precious gift, of that I am absolutely sure.

The beautiful driftwood sailboat reminds me of my favorite place. 

Isla Mujeres, Mexico.
And of her, when she is at her favorite place.

Glenn Lake, Michigan

 Isn't it gorgeous?! I love it!
 It's so rustic.
The driftwood yumminess has found a place of honor above the fireplace.
That sailboat brings me right back here...ahhhhh!
Just like a dream.
 The sign does the same, which is exactly what she meant it to do. I adore it. 
She beckons me closer....

She gave me a gift,
She means it for me
She gave me a gift,
No one else will ever, ever see.
"She" is the Ocean, so humble, so strong
She beckons me closer:
"Why don't you come in?"
I suddenly realize this isn't a dream.

It is an excerpt from a poem I wrote following a vacation in the beautiful Mayan Riviera. It was inspired by a early morning walk alone on the beach.   If you'd like to read it, in it's entirety, click on the title in the sidebar of by blog, under "Poems".


The starfish mobile is absolutely perfect in it's elegant simplicity. I've hung it already, although, eventually it will be in our bedroom oasis, as it fit's the room to perfection.

For now though, it's hung right above Topsy, my dear old ailing kitty, where she can dream of day's gone by, when as a kitten , she would have found a way to swat it with her little playful paws. I put it there so she can feel Michelle's happy thoughts and well wishes. 

I am so thankful to have been lucky enough to find such a kindred soul in bloggy land , and I cannot begin to thank her enough for the lovely gifts she made for me and for the most treasured gift of all, her friendship.
Merci ma belle amie, du fond de mon coeur!


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