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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Just adding some Oooh la la frenchness!

Being a frenchie and all, I decided to add a little "frenchness" to an old find that was looking a little sad...

I mean really, the Eiffel Tower
french bread 
Pepe le Pew!
(okay, he's not really french, but he sure has the accent down pretty good!)

See! French stuff does make you smile! LOL
 So, why shouldn't this SAD little find ($3) be made happy with a little frenchness?!!!

 Yup, she's an oldie...
Une vieille Madame.
Apres tout, elle est mignone, meme si un peux battue...non?
translation: After all, she's cute, even if she's a little battered, no?

So, here comes the french part:

 YES! Oodles of fancy Frenchness!
 A large sheet of french postcard paper....tres jolie.

can you say:  LOVE IT!?!
 Mod Podge
  (which I've never used!)
Hmmmm.  Here goes nothing!
Souhaite moi "Bonne Chance!"
Wish me "Good Luck"!
 Yeah, first part didn't turn out so well, then I added more Podge and it bubbled! EEK!
 I left it, not knowing if I'd have enough paper to finish if I re-did this part..
the other side went on much easier...very few wrinkles or bubbles...
 I used scrap papier to make a template for the front (hole for lock) then traced it on the good paper.
 A little more Podge over top...

 Looks pretty good so far, I think.
  The paper reminds me of an old postcard I have that my Dad sent to his mom, in 1947 when he was working on the railroad. He was 21.
It reads: Dear Mom, We are twenty miles out of Capreol towards Folyet so far. We have about one hundred and thirty more to walk, then when we get to Folyet we go to Port Arthur to walk another two hundred miles, chaining.
Your son, Gerald.

He worked for Canadian National Railway.

 My Dad is the dangerous looking hoodlum in the front! LOL (sorta has a James Dean look going on!)
My Daddy. (LOVE)
 He's who I get my real French ancestry from.

Pierre Comeau was born in Pouilly-en-Auxois, France around 1606 according to some researchers, others say in the late 1590s.  He is the father of all the Comeaus in North America.

Pierre  Comeau arrived in Acadia with the Raizilly expedition in 1632.  He married Rose Bayols in 1649, at approximately age 43 (using the 1606 date of birth).  
 That's our story, and we're sticking to it. 

Back to the task at hand... 
let's recap...



I'd give myself a 6 out of ten on this project. It was my first Podge project and in retrospect I should have started on something easier. Live and learn. All and all, once I added a bit of Burnt Umber to age it, it turned out pretty nicely. And it's covered in pretty French writing.

Need I say more?

I think Pepe would approve!

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  1. It is beautiful! I think that you did an amazing job on it. I love the postcards on the paper and how sweet is it that you have a postcard from your dad and what a great piece of family history. I love learning where we came from and what our family did, it just makes you feel so much more connected. My moms side has some french, maybe way down the line we are connected at some point. :)