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Saturday, October 29, 2011

The many colors of Fall

The many colors of Fall

There are reds, yellows and browns, 
greens like you've never seen,
so many different shades,
they put a rainbow to to shame.

The reds are like fire, 
the color of desire,
and the color of Halloween,
Orange as bright as you've ever seen.

The greatest artist of all
and her works are free,
every year she puts on a new show,
for all of us to see.

Mother Nature never ceases to delight,
setting the trees ablaze
with colors so rich, so warm, a beautiful sight.
no matter the color, 
her choice is always just right.

I've captured these images,
of beauty and light,
textures and colors
so pretty and bright.

They are for you to look at,
to enjoy and to share,
I only wish 
that you had been there.


Aren't those colors amazing?


 That shade of green is called "Rain forest Green", lol!
 Isn't it cute how they sit on their hind legs?
Yeah, she thinks she's a squirrel too, or maybe a groundhog?

A dew drop hanging on a piece of moss, spider web included.

 When I whistled, he just had to take a peek!
(zoom X 40)

 I absolutely love the "glow" that one seems to have. {sigh}

 I know virtually nothing about mushrooms, except this one is pretty!

Wouldn't that be a great place for wedding pics?

This little guy is almost as cute as this next one!

If you look at the tree in the middle, it almost looks like there's some rocker guy peeking out from behind it!!! (?)

I could take photos forever, (in case you haven`t guessed that already).

I hope you enjoyed these. 

As for me, sitting here for a while was the perfect ending to a great afternoon.

Did I mention that I had a one hour therapeutic massage, just before I took this lovely walk?


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  1. These are GORGEOUS! So much color and texture and I love the squirrels!!! They are so cute and so is Molly. :) Yup many walks will be on our list of things to do. :)
    Your poem is just beautiful, you know how much I love your writing.
    Have a wonderful day and Happy Halloween my sis!!!