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Sunday, December 4, 2011


Hey Everyone! I imagine you're all running about, this way and that, trying to get things done for ...dare I say it? Christmas!!! I finally got those "quillows" made, as promised, however, I have renamed them "Snuglows". They are after
all a pillow cover stuffed with a snuggie (attached), so Snuglow sounds appropriate to me.

Before I show them to you, I must say that if any of you out there are talented seamstresses, I am warning you, my sewing skills are far from perfect. Never mind the fact that I never follow a pattern and make things from a somewhat scrambled vision in my head. Perfection is not allowed in our house, so if that's what you expect, sorry to disappoint, but you won't find it here. There snuglows are just an idea I had for two sweet little kidlets that live in very cold Saskatchewan, where the temperatures have already hit below zero and at least 6 inches of snow are on the ground.

Spiderman, who doesn't love a guy that can scale tall buildings in a single bound? This little guy love's him!

  So, for my cutie Tristan, it had to be Spiderman!

I started with: 
  • 1m of Spiderman fabric
  • 1 child's size blue snuggie (with socks!)
  • a small piece of quilt batting 

I started by folding the metre of fabric in half, inside out, lengthwise.

(use less or more fabric depending on the size of the "pillow" you want, 
I sewed mine about 4 inches from the edge)
You will end up with something that looks like a long pillowcase.

 I then made a little "pad" by covering a small piece of quilt batting with fabric. This will be used as a "pocket" on the front of the snuggie (sewn top and bottom, leaving sides open) for keeping little hands nice and warm.

 Sew the "pocket" to the main piece.
Fold the main piece in three portions, making a pillow cover with a "slit" in it.
(like a fold over pillow cover) Sew down both sides.
After sewing the sides, turn it inside out to figure out where to put the button holes and buttons for the cushion "outside" look. This is what it will look like once it has the snuggie inside it.

Turn in back inside out, to the side where the hand pocket is.
Sew it to the snuggie front, slightly under the armpits.

 You end up with a snuggie with a pocket on the front of it, looking somewhat like the front of a "hoodie".
 Now, while turning the cushion cover part inside out, stuff the attached snuggie inside -- TA DA! You now have a "Snuglow"!

What do you think? Far from perfect, but perfectly adorable!
Adorable like Peyton!

Now, Let's see the girly one for Peyton.
Pretty pinks, hearts and french poodles definitely say girly to me!

 Again, fabric folded in half, inside out.
 Sewn, folded to form cushion cover with slit. Because I really am not good at button holes, this time I chose to use velvet ribbon to loop around the heart buttons.

 I added a velvet ribbon on the top of the hand pocket.

      Cushion cover sewn to the pretty pink snuggie.

 Stuffed with the snuggie.

I hope they like them. I know they will keep them warm on those cold winter nights!

That's all for now!
Have a great week.


  1. You are amazing!!! I can't believe, well, yes I can, you did that without a pattern. I would have sewed everything wrong-side in with no way to get it out. They are going to love them and how adorable are they!!?? You inspire me all the time my sister!!

  2. What a cute idea! I am going to keep this project in mind for my grandchildren. Right now they are being 'manufactured' and due next Summer so this is a project for down the road! lol
    I love your blog!