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Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy 2012!

Hello there! Happy New Year to each and everyone of my lovely followers, family and friends!!!

2011 is behind us now, some of it was good, some not so good. Either way, it's over. We have a fresh new "page" to start on now.

I thought I'd start mine with the new header for my blog (above), I hope you like it.
 The photo I used was taken at Finn Slough and modified a little on Picasa and Picnik.
The years seem to pass more quickly as we get older, and as we all know, getting older usually comes with some changes in our health. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2011, and my hubby, Mike with Basal Cell Carcinoma (skin cancer) on his nose. I was put on `Lyrica` and am feeling quite a bit better than I was 2 months ago. Mike on the other hand will be having what`s called ``Moh`s Surgery``www.mohscollege.org/about// this coming Monday, January 9th, to remove the cancerous area and reconstructive surgery the following day.  We are a bit apprehensive, not knowing what to expect as an outcome. Mike is quite nervous about the Moh`s surgery as he will be given a local anesthetic only. I intend to be with him through as much of it as I can. Thankfully this is not a melanoma, we`ve been told that if you are going to get cancer, Basal Cell is the one to get. Cancer is just such a terrifying word. I have faith that everything will be fine. It`s just another `bump in the road`` that is life. Right. I love my husband dearly, and he need not fret, I will love him no matter what the outcome (sorry Mike, Brad Pitt want`s to keep his nose). 

Alright, now on a lighter note, we decided to start the new year with less of a `footprint` on the environment by trading in a gas guzzling truck for a small economical Ford Focus, not to mention what a difference on the pocket book it makes!!!  Yeah Us! 
 (Ain`t she pretty - perfect ``beachy`` blue!!!)

We`ve booked our annual `pilgrimage` to the Mayan Riviera for April, and are busy working to pay for it!  Again, Yeah Us! We are looking so forward to it, especially since some very special people will be joining us this time (you know who you are). ;)

The weather has been pretty dark, gloomy and wet, but then again, that`s Vancouver weather for ya!

Winters in Vancouver require a few necessities:

As a true Quebecoise, I never give up hope and always pray for this:

 ....the answer to my prayers is usually this:
 (I`m glad someone is enjoying the weather!)

Even in my 21st year living here in BC, I still get to feeling like this after a few months of rain & darkness:
 Although, I do have to say, everything here is awfully green!
 We are after all Canada`s Rain Forest.

But still, a little snow would make me happy.
I`ll just think about my spring vacation, margaritas, sunscreen (biodegradable of course)
and the beach. Now, there`s something to smile about. 

That`s all for now! 

I hope that 2012 brings you happiness, health, joy, faith and love.
Thanks for following!

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  1. I love this post sweetie! I am thinking and praying for you and Mike. Keep dreaming of Mexico, it will be here soon! YEAH!!
    Love you lots!!!