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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Better than NEW!

I had been keeping my eyes open for a small table to use as a coffee table in our living room for a while, something about the same size as the ottoman we have.  The ottoman hasn't really been used as an ottoman, more like an extra seat. I wanted to use it to rest our feet on, together with small table instead of our large over sized coffee table...I came upon this little thing (ugly - I know) by the dumpster ($0).  It looked to be exactly the size I wanted. Maybe a tad to tall, but that could easily be remedied...right?

Ugly, yes, for now. Mostly made of melamine, or fake wood, whatever you want to call it. A 70's table with decent lines, sturdy, pretty detail....in a gawd awful finish! Hm. Should I try to give the little gal a makeover? 

  Look at that! She fits perfectly. A bit homely, but she fits. I love that she has a shelf too!
 I turned to my "partner in crime" for her opinion!

"what do you think Makeover Molly?"
She sniffed it.
Then went to her bed, to contemplate the situation.
Hm. Can I look at it again?

Sure Mummy, Let's give her a chance!

Makeover Molly was ready to go. I on the other hand, was still a little leery. 
 How am I gonna finish that ugly melamine top???
 AH HA! I know!

I had been hanging on to the top of on old table that I bought at a garage sale a long time ago. The table was from the 1880's, from Old Quebec. It was beautiful, and for 5$, even broken, I bought it.
All I had left from it now, was the top, with it's old penny nails. 
Someone, who will remain nameless...(you know who you are!) left the top out in the rain, can you imagine????
I was horrified when I saw it all warped, but something told me not to throw it out, just yet.
 Look at that! Authentic distressing. No fake aging on this puppy!
 "Did someone say PUPPY?"
Never mind.
 So, I cut the legs shorter. I added the old warped top. I countersunk some holes and screwed it to the melamine top, which straightened it out. I kept the penny nails...
cut them shorter, and re-used them. because I really like them. 
They give it character!

I gave the table and the top a light sanding.

 and filled the holes from the screws with wooden "plugs".
I then filled the gaps with wood filler, sanded again and re-stained the top.

Look at that! I love it.
Now for the base...
A few coats of white paint...
 some light sanding...on the edges...
 some Minwax to finish, and protect that old beauty of a top...
 things are looking up for this once homely gal!
 Mm  mm.

 I love the old nails, the plugs, all of it. It speaks to my "romantic dreamer" personality. I think about how many people since 1880 have used this table (top), what purposes it may have served. How it was once treasured by someone. I love that it has been given a "new life" and didn't end up in a landfill somewhere.
Don't you?

 That's what I'm talking about! Yeah!

 What do you think?

 Was it worth the work? Absolutely! I LOVE IT! She's so PRETTY now!
I am so happy I was able to re-use that old piece of wood and the penny nails.
It turned out even better than I imagined.
Did I say homely? I take it back.
She has a home now, and is anything but.
Even Makeover Molly agrees (she keeps staring at it). lol.

 Have a great week & thanks for following!


  1. OMGOSH Sandra that is beautiful!!! You did an amazing job on her and that top!! It's perfect!!! I am so glad that you had got to do this, I love everything about her. Ok, is that the snow storm painting now thawing out into a beautiful beach!?
    Your home is so pretty hunny, I love all your beachy touches.

  2. wow..you must smile everytime you look at that table!!!! beautiful. good for you!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  3. Hi Sandra,
    it is amazing what you have done with the table I threw out. I'm glad I didn't break it up as I had originally planned to do with it. You have a great imagination. The top is exquisite. That's just what it needed. Before getting rid of anything else, I will check with you first.
    You never know what kind of "treasure" you may come up with.
    Keep it up girl, it's looking good. Love your blog.
    The picture is coming along very well.