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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Inpired by a friend!

Hello my lovelies! Did I tell you that when I last saw my Doctor about the Fibromyalgia, she suggested I start painting again? I haven't put a brush to canvas for a looooooonnnnng time, not that I've done it more than 1/2 dozen times anyhow.  Not exactly what you would call an artist, now am I?

 I was busy with my power tools. Which apparently I need to put down for a while...okay, but I need to do something!

 Painting is the perfect solution for me right now. Easy on my body and I can take my time, work on it when I feel like it. Yeah! (THIS from the Instant-Gratification Girl??? - Oh, how I need to learn patience!)

My dear friend Michelle, over at Emerald Cove has recently started painting again. She is so talented in so many different areas. Her painting skills are just another to add to the list! Wow! She amazes me!

Check out her "Painting 101" and "Painting 102"  posts at Emerald Cove.

 She inspires me not only with her talent, but with her heart. She's an amazingly sweet, sincere and all around wonderful person. Our love of the ocean is how we initially met, through our blogs. We now speak often and hope to one day meet - and spend some time together, maybe even on a beach like this one...

Michelle's painting

Isn't that GORGEOUS! For someone who hadn't painted for years, she certainly got her MOJO back!!!

 THAT totally inspired me to start now. Amazing.

I had bought a large canvas a while back, couldn't make up my mind about what to paint on it. So, I hung it in the dining area so it wouldn't get damaged. My son came over for dinner, asked: 

"Um. Mom, what is that supposed to be?" ...I said: " A whiteout. Okay, it's a huge snowstorm, just use your imagination!" Yeah. He wasn't impressed either. LOL. So, after a few questions like that, I decided it was time to start...I just can't believe how nervous I was about it!

 Finally the snow melted...:)
Doesn't look like much does it? Oh, well, it's a start.
Couldn't get that horizon line quite right.
Then I checked out Michelle's posts again. 
Smart Girl! Of course, use painter's tape!!!
(Isn't that why it's called that?)
(Don't judge okay, I'm a beginner! LOL)

Now, see what I mean? Much straighter! Yeah!
 This is what I've got so far. The ocean, the sky, clouds, sand, a window sill and an open window.
Not exactly exciting, but a start.

So much more to add.
 Now, be patient! (I'm talking to myself again, I do that a lot).

I'll keep ya posted on this new endeavor, 
as long as I don't get frustrated and throw it in the dumpster! LOL
 Patience Sandra. (I know)

Has someone inspired you to try something new lately?
(Thanks Michelle! xx) 


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  1. OMGOSH Sandra this is so GORGEOUS!!!! I am so happy that you decided to melt the snow and gather up some sunshine! :) I can't wait to see more!!