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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bathroom Done! A little space with loads of charm!

Projects don't usually take me this long, really. Ask anyone who really knows me - I'm a "get it done this weekend" kinda gal. Instant Gratification. You get it. (?) Anyway, because of the pain I've been experiencing due to Fibromyalgia, my "reno-speed" has been somewhat altered, and let me tell you, it's the most frustrating thing! I can no longer use my power tools like I used to. A few minutes a day is all I can muster or I pay for it for days. I'm not giving up, just slowing down...Like the turtle as opposed to the hare, LOL.  

So, to get to the point, here is the Bathroom Re-do. It is a very small space, but it now has oodles of charm, I think. I love it. It's refreshed and relaxed. A BIG thank you to my favorite handyman, my hubby Mike for his patience (I changed my mind a more than a few times!) and for his hard work (gotta love a guy who goes with the flow!), and to our dear friend Don, who directed and helped with the plumbing changes.  :)

This is what I was originally planning, but when you give me too much time to think, I sometimes change my mind! Are you like that?

The Vanity: The original vanity was too big for the size of the bathroom. So instead of just adding trim and painting it, we removed it entirely, which meant we had to replace the floor too.We decided to go with a three drawer dresser I had bought at a garage sale for $10.00. It had already been modified by adding long legs and painted white, the hardware replaced with glass knobs. 

We found some flooring at Habitat for Humanity to replace the peel & stick tile. It's Allure flooring, which looks like wood, but is waterproof. I love the richness of the dark wood tone against all the white.

I finally decided on this white bowl sink, which is really what I wanted in the first place. We got it for a steal - $15 dollars. We've ordered a taller tap for it, as it is a deeper sink than the glass vessel sink I had originally chosen. That got sold on Craiglist for what I paid for it.

The new vanity is not as long, or as deep as the old one. Because we chose to put the sink to the left side everything seemed kind of off kilter. I decided to use some shutters I had on either side of the mirror to make the sink appear more centered. We first added a ledge to the existing mirror frame and then added the shutters. I love the look. It say's "cottage" which is exactly what I wanted. 

A huge change!

This is the mirror unframed by the shutters.

The first paint color I used wasn't right. I even mixed it up a bit with another paint I had, and still it wasn't what I wanted. It's so frustrating when you get a room all painted and then figure out you don't like how the color looks!
It doesn't look like a huge difference, but believe me it is. I absolutely love the new color. I mean really, Turquoise Mist - what's not to love?

added a pretty glass knob to the medicine cabinet
 The white beadboard wallpaper and trim got a few coats of white paint.
 On the mirror shelf are a few treasures from my friends Karen and Michelle. Thank you!

You can see here that the faucet isn't tall enough. We'll put this one on Craiglist when we get the tall one we ordered.

 We found the towel hanger at Home Depot for under $14!

 The little stool my friend Brenda gave me fits in just perfectly. I love it.

 YES! it is a different shower curtain. With all the white, the room needed a little more color. The stripes in this one that I found at Kohl's matches the wall color perfectly. The beige softens the room and makes it more serene and less stark.

I think I shopped about 10 different stores and bought and returned 2 different shower curtains before finding exactly what I wanted. 
 It needs to be ironed! LOL

beadboard wallpapered ceiling with trim pieces.
It took a few months, a lot of looking around, a few returns (3 sinks, REALLY!) before 
we finally ended up with what we wanted. 
It's done and we love it!

What do ya think?

Thanks for following,
Basic cost breakdown:
New flooring    $75
New Sink  $15
New Faucet $60
Vanity $10
Shower Curtain $38
Wallpaper (beadboard) 1 roll $15
Shutters $0
Trim for ceiling, wainscoting and baseboards $50

All in all, a great makeover on a small budget. :)

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  1. Wow I love what you've done! Your new bath is beautiful!!!

    1. Thanks Karen! I still have to go to your house to soak in the tub though!!! LOL

  2. OMG Sandra that is beautiful!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! The dresser is so perfect for that space. You did an amazing job in there sweetie!!

    1. Merci Michelle! I need a new dresser for my bedroom now! EEK! Oh, well, I do enjoy a good hunt!


  3. As usual Sandra ... an incredible makeover! You have such great vision ... it's beautiful!

    Kathy MacKenzie

    1. Thank you Kathy! It took so long, partially because than "great vision" kept changing! Oh, well, all part of being a woman, right? It's our purogative!


  4. This is one of the cutest bathrooms ever! I LOVE the beach theme, with all the blues, and whites. You guys did a wonderful job with this room.
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!!!

  5. This. Is. Awesome. Thanks so much for sharing all of these process photos, I love looking at all the different details and how it all came together, love the jar so much! It looks like it came right out of a Pottery Barn catalog!