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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Painting - almost done!

I've been working slowly on my painting. I am actually starting to like it more! I'm getting a little more "in the groove" of the whole process and thoroughly enjoying it. I think everyone should try this, especially painting with acrylics, they are SO forgiving. Acrylics are wonderful to work with because they allow you to paint over anything you don't like as much as you want. Not to mention that if I'd been working with oil, I'd probably be on my 15th canvas by now! LOL.

I've changed the flower. It was too bright for me, I was going for a softer look. I also didn't think it looked much like a peony, it was more like a rose. Here's the before and after of the flower.

The first one just wasn't what I was trying to achieve, the softer one is more to my liking.
 I played with the first window too much, ruined it. It wasn't what I was going for either. I blocked out the entire window and started fresh. My friend Michelle suggested another curtain on this side, she was right, it softens the whole painting. I like it much more (not finished with the curtain).

 I also added some foliage to the peony to make it look fuller.
 There's a little something on the window sill now too - do you like it?
 I'm a sucker for starfish!

Someone told me "There are no mistakes in art Sandra!"
It kind of made me look at things differently.
Maybe I won't be my own worst critic anymore! ;)

So, tell me, do you think this is a bedroom painting or a dining room painting?

 I'm looking forward to finishing it. There's some tweaking to do still.

I hope I inspire at least one person to pick up a paint brush!

For now, gotta go run some errands. Tomorrow is my son Eric's 25th birthday! We're having a lovely crab dinner tonight with him and his girlfriend.

He has a medical issue going on right now, please include him in your prayers.
We are praying, wishing and hoping for a positive outcome.
Thank you.

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  1. GORGEOUS!!!!!!! I love love your painting, I could sit there all day and even feel the ocean breeze. :)

  2. love your roses...I have tried to paint them and they just never turn out.
    I'm loving your painting! Say Happy Birthday to Eric from your blog friend!