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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A feast for the eyes!

Hi There! Hubby and I went on a trip to see family in September, it's a long drive (about 5 hours) so we stopped quite a few times so that I could stretch, and take pictures of course! 

I am so lucky to have such a thoughtful, loving husband, he bought a padded heated cushion for my seat to minimize my pain from sitting so long. I was very grateful for his thoughtfulness, I love that man!

I took a lot of pictures, so grab yourself a cup of tea, sit a while and enjoy! The Okanagan is so beautiful! (Wine country too - yum).

 The above pictures were taken at the "Hope Slide". It is the site of the largest landslide ever recorded in Canada. It claimed the lives of four motorists in 1965. 

Spotted Lake, west of Osoyoos.

 Spotted lake, with it's strange looking surface, is made of big circles of ever changing colors due to a high concentrations of minerals; such as calcium, magnesium and sodium sulfates along with a trace of silver and titanium. The colors of Spotted Lake vary with the seasons, changing from white to gray, then to green, blue and yellow.

 I always look for it when we go through that area! So cool!
 The sky was hazy because of forest fires.
I love the "patchwork quilt" look of the Okanagan Valley. So pretty.

My hubby took me for a scenic drive around Oliver, B.C., his hometown. I had to get out and take a few pictures of this beautiful little farm.

Now, there's a strange look!

As we drove on, we came upon this beauty...

It really feels like the "Wild, Wild West"

 One of the many apple orchards. I must admit that I stole an apple, I apologize, but it was too much for me to see all these juicy apples, just hanging there on the trees, calling out to me!
With more than 120 wineries, the Okanagan is British Columbia's oldest, largest, and most popular wine-producing region. Discover complex Pinot Noirs, vibrant Chardonnays and sweet Icewines at wineries perched above glittering lakes.
 Rows and rows of grapes...

Vincor Winery, Oliver B.C.

There is definitely a major wine tour in my future!

My sweet sister-in-law, April took us on a litte drive to see more of the country side.

 The adorable little guys on the bridge are my nephews, Brody & Jordan.

                                                        I told you it was a long post!

 Where are the cowboys???

Like I said: The Wild, Wild West.

On the way home...

Yellow Lake.

 "Look towards the sun and shadows will fall behind you."

  I spotted an old car "cemetery",
 I couldn't help but have my hubby stop there for a few more shots...

 I just love these...

Well, my friends this is the end of this post. Yes, FINALLY! I hope you enjoyed the ride!

My old camera "died" a while ago,  so hubby surprised me with this beauty:

Ain't she sweet? (almost as sweet as he is!)

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