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Friday, October 12, 2012

Learning to live with it & finding joy again....

Hello! It's been a while since my last post...again! Well, I'm still here! Goin' from Doctor to Doctor, figuring things out. My official diagnosis from the Rheumatologist is Soft Tissue Rheumatism, a.k.a. Fibromyalgia (which of course we already knew). Nonetheless, it's good to have a diagnosis from a specialist. Other health issues that have "popped up" have also been investigated further and are being monitored accordingly. I am very grateful for the care I've been given by some good, thorough Doctors. 

I've had to give up my job of 10 yrs, as a Medical Office Assistant, which is something I'm learning to live with, slowly. I miss it, and the daily interactions with patients.

 I'm determined to find joy everyday...

To let go and let God, as they say.   
It's all part of my journey.

Okay, enough about life and all that heavy stuff. 

I have been having fun setting up a little office space/workshop for myself for my etsy shop in our spare bedroom. It's a little cramped, needs some tweaking, but functional.  I'll post pics when I've got it the way I want it. :)

 visit me at: 
on etsy.com
Meanwhile, I'd like to show you a little project I finished.

I was given an old "colonial style" {80's} table (Thanks Daniel), It was looking pretty rough and definitely out of date.

(Sorry, it's upside down in this picture)

 As you can see, it's more than a little "beat up"
nothin' a little "surgery", time and paint can't fix!
One of the four legs had a "chunk" missing on the bottom of the "foot".

 It took a while to do,
 (I am learning to accept my physical limitations, and doing things in little bits of time, here and there...which isn't easy for an "instant gratification" junky like me. I've also learned to ask for help more).

 So, two weeks, a coat of paint here, a coat of paint there and a little help from hubby and... 

Ain't she pretty? I just love the added storage too!

Hubby sanded the top for me, but the rest wasn't sanded or primed,
 because I used home made chalk paint!

Yesssirrreeebob! I sure did!!!

I found the recipe on pinterest, courtesy of snapcreativity.com
 (Thanks for sharing Ann Marie)

 I gave it three coats for good coverage, then gently distressed it by hand with sandpaper.
I stained and varnished the top for durability.
 I re-used some old wooden knobs I had because I didn't like the original ones.
 The legs got a pit of a re-vamp,
 the bottom inch or so had to be cut off because one was broken...

It's a bit of a "chunky" piece, but the new look of the legs kind of give it a "softer" look, 
                                                                             I think.

 Yesssss! Another piece of furniture re-cycled. I love it!

I'll be posting again soon,

thanks for following...


My trusty sidekick, Molly :)

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