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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

All decked out!

Ahhhh. Finally, some sunshine!!! I love being outside in my garden, on the deck. The deck that we should have replaced a few years ago. We kept giving it "CPR" hoping to make it last longer...

About 5 yrs ago we covered the existing deck with mismatched hardwood planks, hoping to give it longer...it worked! Until last year, it was soft in spots - obviously rotten underneath, but again we patched it...this time with a sheet of plywood. We knew this year it would have to be completely replaced. My hubby worked very hard for three days pulling up the old deck in layers. The framing underneath falling apart in his hands, literally. 

Mike decided that if we were replacing it, he would do it right, (he watches a lot of Mike Holmes and Paul Lafrance's Decked Out). He planned it for months, pricing out the materials at different places and tweaking his design ideas. Because we don't own our home (although after 18 years of renting, we've probably paid for it!) we didn't want to go crazy with the design. Something simple, with a little extra, but bigger for sure. I can't physically work in my garden all that much anymore, so making it a bit smaller wasn't an issue. 

He had the help of our friend Wayne to build the frame (thanks Wayner!) and used our friend Don's truck to make three trips to the dump ( Thanks Don!)...and Ian helped with making the pergola "squared". Mike worked so hard, in the hot sun, I felt so bad for not being able to help him, this is the type of thing I used to LOVE to do...

He did such an amazing job, I'm sitting outside right now as I type this, in my own little piece of paradise! I couldn't love and appreciate my husband any more than I already do. Thank you so much my sweet husband for creating such a wonderful oasis for us!

 We opted for pressure treated wood this time, a little more expensive, but worth it. We will stain it in a dark brown semi-transparent stain in about 8 weeks.
The small pergola needs a few more boards on the top, and there will be a railing on the right side as well. The lawn is a mess from all the trampling and things being moved around. Haven't decided if we should seed it or re-sod it.

 We put our heads together and came up with this railing. We wanted to use things we already had, like this large square piece of beveled glass and copper pipes. I love that the glass allows me to see the garden when I sit in the adirondak love seat. The garden has been tidied up and framed in with landscape ties.
 The perfect spot for our beautiful seashell wind chime from Isla Mujeres, Mexico!

                               We used "matchstick" blinds to provide more shade, at $4.99, they were an inexpensive way to add to the pergola. I hope the Mayan Sun God does it's job!
                                   The hanging basket is a gift from Mike for Mother's Day!

 Another blind was used to make a privacy/shade screen above the fence.
                                             The copper piping will age to a verdigris finish.
There is still some work to do, the grass, the trim on the workshop needs painting, and lots of cleaning up.

                        This year's addition to patio furniture - a very comfy lounge chair!
 The lovely outdoor clock is a gift from my son for Mother's Day.

 The "stone" fireplace is also a Mother's Day gift, from my husband.

 A little bit of Mexico here and there! :)

                                              oops! I need to finish staining the loveseat, a little at a time!

 Thanks to my friend Gloria for the beautiful mirror - It's perfect for my outdoor room!

 Now, time to curl up with Molly on the lounge chair and enjoy!
                                          I'm loving it!

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