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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Home is where the heart is...(warning: this is a photo heavy post!)

They say: "Home is where the heart is", but no matter how long I've made my home in British Columbia (22 yrs now), going "back East" always makes me feel like I've really come HOME...

I was lucky enough to go back and visit with family & friends recently (12 yrs since my last visit). I had the opportunity to be the one to introduce my adult niece to family she had never met, and to be re-united with my brother, whom I had been estranged from for 24 yrs. I was reunited with cousins I hadn't seen in years, one in particular, Ronnie, I hadn't seen for about 35 years, we were both in tears...I visited with so many people who are very special to me, it was a wonderful trip!

 I stayed with some very special relatives, my aunt Ann and uncle Charlie, in Kemptville, Ontario. Kemptville is a pretty little historical town located about 55kms south of Ottawa and 2.5 kms south of the Rideau River. 

My aunt and uncle were gracious enough to put up with me for most of my time there, and I enjoyed their company immensely. I was reminded of some of my best childhood memories of times spent with them during summer breaks. I felt so at home that I ended up extending my stay from 10 days to 17! 

As always, I had my camera along with me on several little sight seeing trips, and unfortunately it somehow got onto the wrong setting and a lot of my photos did not turn out very well. I was very disappointed, but managed to salvage some of them anyway...I hope you enjoy them.


 We had so much fun as kids in this creek at the back of my aunt and uncle's yard,

                                                                   fishing,  playing and catching bullfrogs.

 While I was there, one of their grandchildren came in holding a bullfrog, my uncle said: " I bet you wouldn't hold one now, would you, Cookie?"...Well, I took him up on that dare and held that slimy, slippery sucker! (Really, I didn't remember them being that gross! Yuck!)

                                                      It's such a pretty, peaceful spot.

                                   I've never seen as many hummingbirds as I did when I was there, 
                                              unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of them. 
                                                This guy wasn't missing his photo op though!

The little goslings are so cute!

A visit to my cousin's farm, was another opportunity to take photos. 
 She and her husband have five sons, ages 17 and under!

 They live in this lovely old farmhouse.

 I just fell in love with it!

There's just something about farms that appeal to me.

 I love playing around with photos, making things look different.

I really like this one!

A few shots taken in my aunt Ilene's garden...

My niece and I took a little stroll in Kemptville's downtown area, there are so many beautiful old homes and buildings there.

 The architectural details on these places are so beautiful.

 So gorgeous!
They sure don't make 'em like they used to!

 We got a tour of a lovely little town called Merrickville, where we browsed in some shops and stopped for lunch.

The Rideau Canal connects the city of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, on the Ottawa River to the city of Kingston, Ontario, on Lake Ontario. The name Rideau, French for "curtain," is derived from the curtain-like appearance of the Rideau River's twin waterfalls where they join the Ottawa River. The canal system uses sections of major rivers, including the Rideau and the Cataraqui, as well as some lakes.

The canal was opened in 1832 as a precaution in case of war with the United States. It remains in use today primarily for pleasure boating, with most of its original structures intact. It is the oldest continuously operated canal system in North America (a little history for you!).

It's funny how you don't realize how much you miss people after years apart, until you see them again.

I enjoyed this trip more than words can express. I got to spend quality time with some very special people, both family and friends. I reconnected with my roots, I guess you could say. I gained insight into some family dynamics, learned more about my parents who passed away too young, and about their childhoods. I've learned that things are not always as they appear, and to never take things for granted.
I 've learned that my heart has the capacity to love more people, unconditionally, than I thought, and all at once! Wow.

All that, and I got to come home to a wonderful husband who loves me! :)

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