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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Joy in my heart.

It's that time of year again...

I swear as I get older, the days and years go by more quickly.  Christmas comes more quickly than I can handle! I swore again this year that there would be no tree, uh, yeah, right, like that will ever happen. The closest I got was last year when I tried a new idea, my tree was decorated with all things coastal, beachy or whatever you want to call it, seashells, sailboats, glass floats... My happy place is the beach, so our home reflects that.  The last year has been difficult for us, in so many ways that I just wasn't feeling it this year. But then I realized, if I want more joy in my life, it's not going to knock at my door and say "Hi!" I have to create it. So, is not decorating for Christmas going to make me feel better? No. It's a lot of work for me now, but hey, Rome wasn't built in a day, was it?

 Yes, Karen, my dear wise friend, my collection of Christmas decorations and ornaments do make me smile, they bring back memories and are so pretty. Joy! Every little bit counts! Once I started, I enjoyed it very much. Traditional is the way to my heart. The Beachy tree from last year was beautiful, and a nice change, but it just wasn't the same. I didn't go crazy with it this year, but I did just enough. I like it.

Joy isn't about how many gifts are under the tree, it's about something bigger, it's about peace, love, family & friends. I have all that. I smiled when I said that. My heart feels full.

 Oh, and Karen, thanks for your love and support, your friendship and your "bossy-ness".  I love you girlfriend. You wanted to see pictures, so here you go...

 This ornament always makes me feel happy. It was given to me 28yrs ago, when I was pregnant with Eric. My mother's best friend gave it to me because I was insistent that I was having a boy. He was to have blue eyes, even though his dad and I both have brown eyes. I was right! :)

                                                               That's Mike, Eric and I!
                                                             Joy, Joy and more Joy! See, I made my own!

                                                          I painted this when Eric was little.

 So, the girl who wasn't going to have a Christmas tree, has three, if you count the little one Mike bought for Sawyer's first Christmas, yes the puppy got a tiny tree.

                                 Merry Christmas to all!

  I hope you find your JOY!

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  1. Beautiful pictures!.
    We will be there for a glass of wine!.
    Love it!.
    You did a great job!.