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Monday, February 2, 2015

Lighten up!

Huh, I just found this post marked as "draft", which means I never published it. It is from last year, when I turned 50. I thought I'd publish it now, better late than never, right? 

I will soon be celebrating my 51st birthday! Wow, it feels so "substantial" (that's the  word that comes to mind), yeah, substantial. LOL  

Here are 5 things I've learned over the years...

1. Never take anything or anyone for granted.
2. Love weighs much less than anger and resentment. Forgiveness is the key.
3. Love yourself in spite of your faults or shortcomings.
4. Be kind, generous with your affection, and listen, really listen.
5. Love and friendship are gifts, give them wisely.

Oh, and those wrinkles called "crows feet" are nothing of the sort! Laugh lines are what they are,
and they should be worn with contentment and pride, for nothing feels better than a good laugh. LOL

Anyway, this post is not about age, it's about changing a few things...mainly small changes to the living room decor. First, it hasn't been painted in about 12 years! Wow, with me being "the queen of change", that shocks me! It was painted a color called "straw hat" which at the time was the perfect color to compliment the forest green couches we had. Well, two couches later, we find ourselves with denim couches. They are overstuffed and very comfortable, easy to care for and denim looks better with age (don't we all have a favorite pair of old jeans?).  

I want a lighter, softer look, rustic coastal, beach cottage style. I have to take it slower than I used to. Anyone who really knows me knows that I am a "get it done now" kinda gal. I'm slowly learning to slow it down and listen to my body. So with that in mind, don't expect miracles!

1. Paint - thankfully my hubby was on holidays and did that for me. He doesn't question my decisions when it comes to decorating, he just goes with the flow! 


 Which really looks more like the color shown below - (No, unfortunately, that's not our living room)

                            I love the soft colors in this room, with that pop of turquoise.

 Anyway, that's the new color. I won't show you the whole room, because I'm not done.
 I was given two beautiful lamps for my birthday by a dear friend, they totally tie into my color scheme and general look that I'm going for.
 (they are available online only at Walmart.ca)
I love the shape and color of them. They look like their made of driftwood - perfect!
The beautiful beach painting is a gift from my dear friend Michelle. It's a rendition of a photo I took in the Mayan Riviera. I absolutely love it, every time I look at it I am reminded of my other happy place. Thank you for that Michelle!
I've also papered the back of our book shelves on either side of the fireplace. I found the paper through http://www.thistlewoodfarms.com/ where KariAnne shares all her DIY projects and showcases her beautiful old farmhouse. I contacted her for the name of the paper she used, which I Googled and subsequently ordered from Joanne's Fabric. 
The paper is actually NOT wallpaper, it's wrapping paper. I searched for similar wallpaper but nothing was close enough to the look I wanted. I tried applying wallpaper paste to the back to adhere it to the wall - bad move - the paper isn't thick enough and tears very easily when wet. I then did what KariAnne did, which is to use double sided tape, I'm serious! It worked. It will make it much easier to remove if I decide to change things or if we move. A good thing to keep in mind when you are renting.

It is amazing how many people are fooled by the paper, they have to touch it to grasp that it really is just paper! lol

Grouping favorite things, including photos I took in Mexico, has more of an impact than just the two photos on the wall.

Did you notice the transom window in the doorway?
It's a milky stained glass window we found at the re-store in Seattle a few years ago. I've used it pretty much everywhere until I found the perfect place for it! It needs a bit more trim work done to it, but otherwise looks great!
My friend Margot gave me the stained glass window. I had hubby hang it in the window for me. 
It's so pretty when the sun is shining in.

I also decided to cover my round mirror in seashells. The smaller ones I've collected from some of my favorite spots in the Mayan Riviera, & some from Birch Bay, Washington. I also included some seashells given to me by Karen who collected them in Hawaii. 
 The mirror was bought at a garage sale for $5.00.

It found it's rightful place above the fireplace.

 My goal is to lighten & add charm. It will be done slowly, over time. I will get it done, eventually, with the help of my sweetheart of course.

And my trusty sidekick, Sawyer.

Another project

I found this old table at the thrift store for $5.00, it was damaged, but to fit into my decorating plan I painted it white, of course.

I used a mix of white paint and plaster of paris to thicken it. It adheres better, without having to do much prep work.

As you can see, I gave it a light distressing by sanding in some areas.

It got a whole new life in our home.

That's all for now,
Thanks for following,

Upcoming post: The coffee table my hubby is making me. I'm excited to see how it turns out!

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