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Friday, April 1, 2011

Old abandoned farmhouse - Do you ever wonder?

My niece called me today from her new home in Pierceland, Sask. She recently moved there to live with her new man on 22 acres of farmland. It's sounds like a beautiful spot with a stream, a swimming hole, a big workshop, barn and wild horses, deer and elk running through the property. {sigh}. When I visited her last year (to do a quick reno to her kitchen) she was living in LLoydminster, Alberta. While I was there, she took me to see an old abandoned farmhouse on a friend's farm. 

I really loved seeing it, it was such a serene place. I am kind of saddened by the fact that I won't be seeing it next time I visit, but I am excited about exploring the property she has moved to now. I was reminiscing about the little trip to the old farmhouse, looking through the pictures I took....{sigh}, thought you might enjoy seeing them too..

 What was once a functioning kitchen!
 Obviously still home to someone...
 My niece peeking thru the old slat walls...

 The old iron bed that would have come home with me had I not flown there!

 Very old periodicals laying around.

I wish I'd taken some of these home!

 I love this old place!

 I really like the old gate, so rustic but still pretty...

Great color on the old truck!

 It was fun to explore this old place!

 As we looked around upstairs, I stood by the front window staring out to the beautiful green pasture and couldn't help but wonder who had lived there?  What was their life like? How many times had the woman of the house stood in that very same spot, looking out at her children playing & daydreaming? Or watching her husband walk across the pasture towards her anxious for a warm meal and a cold drink, after a long day of hard labor in the hot sun? Hmmm. {sigh}.

Then we had to go, as I had a long drive back to the airport to catch my flight home...  reluctantly.

Have you ever wondered? 

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  1. Wow!! That place is really cool! Poor sad old farmhouse. When I see old rundown places, I just want to fix them up and make them happy again.
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