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Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Sensational Saturday! A Guest Room Makeover.

I suppose when you read this post's title...you think, she went skiing, whale watching or to a spa...NO!  Although any of those would be wonderful, I spent my Saturday working hard! Getting the house organized and getting projects done! What a satisfying feeling.

I started with the junk room, oops, I mean guest room. What a disaster that was! Because it is the "extra room" it tends to become a dumping ground for all kinds of things...craft stuff, cd's, movies, fabrics I'm keeping just in case....you know what I mean, kinda like that horrible junk drawer everyone has in their kitchen. Well, our guest room had become a HUGE junk drawer!!! So much so, that I was too embarrassed to take a before picture.

Let me assure you it is a vast improvement. The reason for this "mission", other than it would have eventually had to be done, is that we have a house guest (house sitter) staying for two weeks, soon, while we go enjoy some margaritas on the beach in Mexico...

Most of our tiny townhouse has been changed over to a softer, somewhat shabby chic beach style, with the exception of the guest room. It is my "BC ROCKS ROOM", my homage, if you will, to the West Coast. It is done in bolder colours, but still bright and happy. It has a very cozy appeal, I think. What do you think? Would you feel welcome if you were a guest here?  Come on in, this will be your room while you stay...

A little sign I made from a 100 yr old piece of wood I stole  removed from an abandoned farmhouse.

I used my quilted throw and a shelf I got at a garage sale for $3 to make a "headboard

The cupboard I made from piecing together bits I found found it's way upstairs to my quilt collection.

I love the old radio my husband had...doesn't work, but looks really cool!
You will notice that on the cupboard and shelf, I have  little lamb and her momma
I wanted to tie them into the rooms decor because I just love them (one of my BFF's, Karen gave them to me)
so  I made a "sweet dreams" sign, now they fit in!

Art supplies are stored in the suitcases and craft supplies in the dresser.

The "phone lamp" I blogged about in another post and little red rocking chair I bought at a garage sale for 50 cents.
My trusty sidekick Molly, always has to test things out....are you comfy Molls?
This is one of my favourite pieces in the house! It's absolutely, (yes, I'm using that new "word" again)
It's great storage for my sewing machine, magazines, books and all kinds of stuff that's better hidden behind scrumptious doors.

I found this beautifully aged (naturally, by the elements) at a garage sale, it wasn't even for sale, but I managed to talk the woman into selling it to me, for $20!!! It was being used to store paint cans and junk in her carport, it was really grungy and dirty, but I could see the crackling of paint, chippiness (yes, that's a word too) and rusty hinges and latch under the grime.  I just had to have it!

My husband just recently took up painting (after our dear friends Michel & Helene from my hometown of Gatineau, Quebec visited and bought him painting lessons as a gift! I'm so happy he's found a new hobby!

So, what do you think of the guest room?
Let's head downstairs, I'll show you what else I did on Saturday..... On the way downstairs, take a look at my hubby's first painting..
 ...To the kitchen!

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