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Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Sensational Saturday...part II - Kitchen Open Cabinetry

So, you checked out the "guest room" and followed me here, to the kitchen...

A few years ago we re-finished the cabinets in our kitchen (I'll post that under separate title at some point) and were offered some white cabinet doors with glass in them to put on some cupboards we added. We took them gladly, I loved them, but they never quite fit, properly. We adjusted and re-adjusted the hinges and doors to no avail...we finally just gave up. I'd thought about open shelving/cabinetry for quite a while, but always talked myself out of it...too dusty, dishes aren't pretty....whatever. Well, now, all are dishes are white, so I thought the time has come for the doors to come off, especially after seeing a post by Layla at The Lettered Cottage - She and her hubby are absolutely amazing at what they do, they are so talented!


Layla convinced me that open cabinetry's time had come!

Here's what it looked like before I removed the doors:


 Not bad, but not what I envisioned. The doors looked good, but never worked properly.
I mean off with the doors!!! LOL
 It's okay, but far from pretty, right?
 * I forgot to take a "before I started this" picture, so you'll notice the brackets I'd already added under the cabinets as well as the fact the the bead board is painted yellow on one side and still dirty white on the other...pretend ok? Thanks ;)

I'll explain what this little cabinet under the kitchen cabinets is for. 
I had some pretty fretwork leftover from a cabinet we were given that we took apart for "parts".
I managed to convince my very tired hubby when he got home from work that he should help me add it to a piece of wood to use as the "header" piece on the cabinets.

Oops, look at that, I forgot to remove the door latches when I took the doors off!
On the end pieces I added curved pieces of wood which were the brackets on an old shelf in the workshop. Sorry sweetie, but you were just using the little shelf to hold the boxes of nails for the nail gun! :)

 I like the pretty lacy shadow the fretwork casts too!
The curve softens the look. I like that.

 This is what the little cabinet was hiding...
But it took up too much space, so....
away with this,
replaced by this little Ikea cabinet thingy, by first doing this to it...
(from the back) I had to shorten the drawers |(I also reversed them so that I could add knobs on them)
I finished painting the bead board yellow to match the other walls, 
hung a few things,

The open cabinetry is not completed, I still need to fill the nail holes, give it another coat of white and then...here's where I would like some suggestions, please, I have several different options:
  1. fill holes inside left by hinges and re-paint white inside.
  2. paint the inside the soft light blue shown here =====>
  3. paint the inside of the open cabinetry yellow
  4. find a pretty wallpaper in a light turquoise print and cover the inside with it. 
What would you do?

(I will post pictures once it is completed)
Have a great week!


  1. WOW SANDRA!!! another success! I would do option 2 for sure...I love the soft touches of blue.xo, Karen.

  2. Thanks Karen, I love that blue too! :)

  3. i vote for option #4, there are so many pretty wallpapers available, it would add another dimension of interest. good luck, i know it'll look great no matter what you decide. sharon

  4. Thanks Sharon, I REALLY APPRECIATE when people leave comments, it makes the blogging worthwhile.
    I've been feeling like it's not worth the time it takes because I don't have many followers and people tend to not leave comments. I was thinking of stopping entirely....

  5. Sandra love your Blog I did one in 2009....I know how you feel. I'm thinking to get mine up and running again too. Just as soon as I can figure out how to add my pictures to this new computer I have. You would think it would be the same...Oh no not the case...Keep up the great work.

  6. Thanks Ter, it really makes it worthwhile when people take the time to comment....doesn't it?!
    Let me know when you get it all up and going...