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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Inspired to make it colorful! Our outdoor room.

Mexico Inspires me, it makes me smile to see so many colors, everywhere you look, pretty colors, happy colors...

 Have you ever seen so many beautiful colors?!

Like I said, it inspires me. Our back deck is in need of help, serious help! Unfortunately, it will have to wait until next spring to be overhauled (replaced entirely). But, I've managed to make it livable for this summer, while spending little money. By adding some color!

 Here's the before:

 Pretty bad, huh!? Talk about BLAH!....
We started by buying this Gazebo, to create an "Outdoor Room",
(by the way, this thing was an absolute monster to put together).

Then, I decided to make a quick trip to a few places....

1. The Dollar Store, to buy these...

Cheap beach mats X 5 @ $1.25 dollars each
 and some duck tape (ahhh the miracle of duck tape!!)
to create an inexpensive rug to cover up the awful deck!

My second quick stop was to the hardware store, where I found this! :)

Just look at that gorgeous color! 
Someone else's "OOPSY" mistint mistake was my happy find!
$5.00 :) 
What better color to remind me of the Caribbean?!
 (indoor paint, but since I'm using it on things that are under cover, i should be okay)
Remember this from a previous post? 
It was worn out and tired, but free, so...

 I sanded it, stained the top then painted and distressed it, then added a little black knob.
 I love that it has a little drawer,
 the perfect place to keep candles and matches!
then, I went a little crazy...
 with this again! (have I mentioned how much I love this color?)
It was light blue, I couldn't help myself!

My third stop was to the thrift store where I got some throw pillow forms, some yellow fabric, and these...
 four pretty placemats for the table for $1.99
here's the yellow fabric I bought to back the cushions,
the front will be the Mexican tile print fabric, isn't it gorgeous?
I found it on the internet a year ago, I'd been saving it for the right project.
I haven't made the cushions yet, but I love how they are going to look!

 so far, here's what it looks like...I really like the makeshift rug!

I'll post pix when I'm all done, including the dining side.
(this shot was taken from inside the living room, sorry for the reflexion of the lamp)

So, anyone want to join me for a margarita in the outdoor room?
Thanks for following!

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  1. Beautiful photographs of Mexico. My family just recently visited there in February. I am enjoying your blog.