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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Treasures from the Caribbean Ocean

On our recent trip to Mexico, I managed to collect some treasures from a few different beaches.
The best shelling was on Isla Mujeres, it was also a pretty good spot for finding beach glass.

I absolutely love beach glass!
   Some sea urchins, a pretty shell and one I have never seen before, looks like a noodle!

 black spine sea urchin

Xenia - Soft Coral
(please note that these were all on the beach and lifeless)
 pieces of black coral
a different species of black coral
pretty sea glass
 This beauty was bought from the Seashell Lady I mentioned in another post
A lovely Mexican woman named Mary (Maw-ree) who is expecting her sixth child. She was so sweet.
 I don't speak much Spanish, but we managed to have a conversation.
Her husband dives everyday to collect seashells that they sell at the front of their home.
 This is her husband trying to show mine how to make the "foghorn" like sound with a conch shell.

this is one she gave to me
 She makes simple jewelry and mobiles/wind chimes out of shells. I brought this one home for our patio, she even signed it for me! She gave me big hugs before we left.
He makes lamps out of some of the shells.
 This is how they earn their living, right here, with this view (sigh).

 In the shops in town these are anywhere from 200 to 300 pesos!

 He dives right here!
Isn't it beautiful! (See the Iguana sunning himself!?)

So much coral! Did you know that the Mayan Riviera has the second largest coral reef in the world!?
(the largest is in Australia)

 and starfish..

aren't they gorgeous!?

I could even stand to live right there, in the conch shell house...
how about you?


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  1. You have some wonderful and beautiful finds my friend!! I love the coral and yes I would LOVE to make a living where they do, how amazing and so creative and beautiful!!! The shell condo is gorgeous and I think I could probably live there as well. ;)

  2. I am leaving for Isla on Friday. I loved your post. Such beautiful pictures!! I collect beach glass. Was there one place you found the pieces or just at different beaches on the island? Thanks, Jenn