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Monday, May 23, 2011

Just goofing around with the camera and Picasa 3...

Do you ever just take pictures for the fun of it? Try different angles, exposures? Picasa 3 is a lot of fun too!
Check out the different effects on these photos I took in my garden today...
original "Quick Nap"

original "Spring has sprung"
dream like
 "Blowing in the breeze"
Just a little softer.

"Laundry Day"

 Which version do you prefer?

 "Welcome" (slightly softened)
 "By the Garden Gate" (softened and saturated)

 "Watery dreams" (softened)

 "Old Man Wind"

"Friendship Rose"

 "Best Friends"

original "Dreams of Isla"

With Picasa 3 you can crop, straighten, correct red eye, retouch, add text, fill light....it goes on.
you can fine tune light, highlight, shadows and color temperature. With the effects you can sharpen, change to  sepia, black and white, you can warmify,  change to film grain, tint as well as saturate, use soft focus, glow, filtered b/w, focal b/w, graduate tint...Check out PICASA 3 for yourself, your can have so much fun with it!
Which one is your favourite?
Have fun & let me know what you think!


1 comment:

  1. These are all so beautiful my dear!! I love the watery dreams and the last laundry shot, it looks like a beautiful summery day. All of your shots are gorgeous and your garden is beautiful!!
    How fun to just be outside and take pictures of all the beauty around you. :)