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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Frugal Frenchie's Saturday Finds!

Wow! I'm really going wild aren't I!? 
Frugal Friday Finds on a Saturday!!! 

What's up with that, you ask? Well....

I REALLY, REALLY had a hard time getting out of my fabulous new canopy bed this morning...honestly, it's just WAY TOO cozy, especially on a rainy morning!!! Which explains why there weren't any Garage Sales on in our neighbourhood. Even the prospect of going thrifting wasn't getting my beeeehind outta that bed! It's my new favourite spot! 
"Miss Molly" wasn't too excited about getting out of bed either! LOL

Finally after a long leisurely cup of coffee in bed, I got up, washed up and headed out to my favorite thrift stores...
Oh! No! A sense of panic overtook me, when I realized my bank card was nowhere to be found! OMG!!! Did someone steal it? Did I leave it somewhere?!!!
I HATE that feeling! Don't you?!
(this is where I dirtied my underwear, had a hot flash and a panic attack all at once! LOL)

A quick run to the bank to rectify the situation, and I was back on track again!

 (Insert rain storm here, this is the part where I get drenched!)

On with it!

First, stop at the nail salon to make an appointment...1 o'clock, Okay, that gives me 2 hours to browse the shops! Perfect!

Here's what I found today:

two of these very pretty silk cushions, with tassels for $3 each.

they look lovely on my newly "pimped out bed" don't they? LOL
"Molly remains totally unimpressed!"
A small wooden tray (just perfect size for morning coffee and toast in bed) for $2
A sweet little metal napkin holder for $1
These mint condition vintage books...newest one published in 1963! WAIT!
1963...I was born in 1964! Does that mean I'm "vintage" too????
They were 50 cents each!

 A little wooden key box for Adele, my niece, for $2
A wooden jewelry box/caddy for $2.50
A seashell plaque for $1

  and two summer reads for 50 cents each
Tomorrow morning I'll be reading this while lounging in my perfectly beachy bedroom!

I hope you are more impressed with today's finds than Molly is!

Thanks for following!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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  1. Oh...I wish I have a magic wand to send me there with you now!