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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Next on the TO-DO list...the bathroom! UPDATE

As you all know by now, my hubby and I live in a townhouse that we rent. We've lived here for over 16 years now. It's become ours (although not in title), with all the changes we've made to it over the years. We love it. If it were for sale, we'd likely buy it (although, I'm sure we've paid for it by now!), but it's not. Homes here in Richmond, British Columbia have become totally out of our reach financially. The average home is over $600,000.00. So, we're content where we are. We've made it ours, the garden is gorgeous (especially if you consider there was only one plant in the back yard when we moved in!) and we've built a descent size work shop for ourselves out there. This is home, and we love it.

The Management has allowed us to make changes because they consider the changes we've made to be improvements, although they do reflect my style, country cottage, which I realize is not for everyone. Regardless, they have been wonderful, so much so, that they offered to replace our flooring in the hallway and kitchen when I mentioned we were planning to change it. I had just a few options to choose from, but it was free, so I was content to choose one of their options. 

The townhouse we live in is small compared to most people's standards. It's two bedroom, one bath, roughly 900 - 950 square feet. Now that we are empty nesters, it's perfect for us...Except for the imperfections! If you are like me, constantly coming up with new ideas or if your style is constantly evolving, the projects never end!!!

So yes, next, I would like to work on our small & only bathroom. Not a major overhaul or anything, just a bit of a makeover.

1. We asked if we could replace the tub surround with tile, they said no. When there's a problem with it (leak, mold, etc...), they will replace it with a simple white tile....my thought...bring on the leaks!!!! But, that's out for now.

2. I'd like to add some trim to the vanity, paint it white and change the plastic knobs to nicer ones.
3. Add some wainscoting.

4. I'd like to replace the sink with a simple vessel sink, tile the counter top   and back splash in tiles.

I found this one for 20$

5. Add some skirting to the front of the tub, preferably wainscoting type.

6. Paint.



or this? I've changed my mind again...i think! LOL
see below.

7. Cover the ceiling in beadboard, painted white with molding.

8. Make a ladder to use for drying towels.

9. Ideally, I'd like to re-tile the floor, but we just did that a little over a year ago. I've changed my mind. So, sue me, LOL! 

i decided to stick with the floor we have for now.

10. Make a ruffled shower curtain, I have the fabric!!!!

11. When the time comes to replace the tub surround, put out a few hundred dollars, run to home depot and buy a deeper soaker tub. Don't need jets, just water past my butt!

These are my ideas, some may become reality and others not. I have to remind myself that we don't own the house, therefore I have to be reasonable with my plans. IE: as much as I love glass mosaic tiles, it's just not feasible.
So, I have to improvise. Be frugal. Be sensible. OK, I can do that. I am quite content, just a little stifled creatively. Although, sometimes I think doing things frugally may require more creativity!!!

In another post I'll show you what we did to the kitchen - but that's another post.

Back to the bathroom...Does anyone have any ideas/solutions they'd like to share? I welcome any insight, ideas or money saving tricks anyone can offer...I know there are A LOT of creative, crafty, clever people out there!

I'll keep you "posted" on how the bathroom evolves, right now, it's still just a bunch of ideas...waiting for some great input! I value yours!

Looking forward to hearing from y'all!



Do you remember the post above? The bathroom project dilemma...Here are a few things I've found for my bathroom in the interest of keeping the budget low. I have ideas, but they are scattered! I cannot make up my mind, maybe you can help? I would greatly appreciate your input! Remember the ladder I wanted for towels...


 I found this very old one at Finn Slough, the old fishing village I posted pictures of!

I love the old wood, it has character and texture.

It was hanging on a tree and the lovely woman who lived there gave it to me!
I'm debating whether I should paint it or just give it a coat of clear mat varnish...? 
 I have this print, "She sells Sea shells" that I want to use...It was a birthday gift from my son a few years ago.
 And this little towel hanger that I bought with a gift certificate I got from my niece Adele...
I would also love to include this sweet little stool given to me by a friend. She painted it my favorite color and distressed it...I think she did a great job, paint splatter and all! Very authentic looking! Thanks again Brenda!
 Okay, enough, lallygagging, here's what it comes down to, so far...

 The main reason I haven't started it yet, is because I have a tail bone injury that doesn't allow me to do much of anything right now (and is giving me more time to ponder my choices), but besides that, I cannot make up my mind on two things:

  1. the counter issue as per above...
  2. the paint color...
the color is really stumping me... 
 these are the colors I've managed to narrow it down to.
What do you think? or should I go with a more green-blue because of some of my accessories? hm mm. (see what I mean! I can't make up my mind!) 

like this color used by frugal farmhouse design?

Keep in mind with the color choice that 3/4 of the wall will be bead board or board and batten paneling. 

so, you see my DILEMMA, don't you?

 What would you choose?

 I obviously need your help!


  1. Frugality definitely forces one to be more creative!

  2. I love your ideas! I want to do wainscoting in our bathroom too, I think that that adds so much for so little. And I love the idea of the ruffled curtain. I think that your ideas would work really well. I love the paint colors too, I think I like that last one the best, a bit of gray in the blue. Any one would be beautiful! I can't wait to see what you come up with, I know it will be beautiful!!
    Have fun and I wish I was closer to help you shop! :D