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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Re-vamping some thrift!

Hey there, hope you've had a great weekend. Today was a gorgeous day here!
The sunshine was much needed in order to get the garden up to par...I remember why I hate weeding so much....OH! MY ACHING BACK! LOL  I finished weeding, mowed the grass (it's a very small yard, but we use a push mower and it was loooooonggggg!) Then I whacked those edges but good! I have to say though, the garden does look much better. Why is it you don't start hurting 'til you stop what you're doing? It's like my motor oil seized up once I stopped movin', LOL, man, I am vintage!!!

I also re-vamped two of my thrift store finds:

 Remember the little key cupboard I bought for my niece, Adele?

She lives in Saskatchewan with her boyfriend. I'll be visiting them in July. I wanted to refinish this in a style that would suit their place.

I call it "Farmhouse Vintage Shabby"
So, guess what color I used?

That's right! Absolutely right!

And I added some old keys for extra charm...

A little distressing with the sander...and


What do ya think? Will it do?

 I have discovered that I have a real "thing" for old keys! I love them.
Pretty "sweet" for $2 huh?!

I really like it. I want it...

NO! It's for Adele!!!

The second thrift find I gave a makeover to is for Mike, my sweet hubby.

 Remember this jewelry box/caddy?
Someone made it. It looks to be fairly old. It needed a face lift.

It was $2.50

 White paint - again!

 A new glass knob I had left over from another project.
Not very manly, yes I know! 
But hey, I distressed the paint a lot, didn't I????
William Morris said:
Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful. 
(to me the knob makes it beautiful! If his stuff all ends up in one place instead of scattered all over, it's useful too!)

He never wore jewelry...until we went to Mexico, now he buys himself some Mexican silver every time we go! 
This one has his name "MIKE" in Mayan on it. He had it made when we stopped at a "cenote" on the way to Chitchen Itza. He loves Mayan history and the culture.

He really liked his new jewelry caddy!

Now, let's see if he uses it! LOL

Have a great week my friends!

(A few pics of the garden)



  1. I love your makeovers sweets!! The keys are perfect on the door like that and Mike's jewelry box is gorgeous! What a great piece. His pendant is beautiful as well and how great that it has such meaning.
    I hope you got to rest your back, your garden looks beautiful! I love your roses and that sweet little chair and table that I hoped you rested on while sipping that yummy drink! Wish I was there with ya!