I am a wife, a mother, an auntie and a friend. I love thrifting, garage sales, re-purposing, creating, painting, anything that makes our little rental home more welcoming, comfortable and cozy. I have discovered the "art" of amateur photography & I love the idea of capturing the beauty in the ordinary everyday things that surround us. Blogging is a wonderful way to make new friends and share with people who have the same interests. My personal taste in decorating leans towards "casual cottage/coastal decor". I now have a small shop on etsy, called "SandySeashore" where you'll find some of my vintage finds, my photography and some handmade things. I hope you take the time to check it out! Thanks for droppin' in!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Frugal Frenchie's Garage Sale Goodies

WOW! Today was not only a gorgeous day (boy, did we need that), but it was also a fantastic day for garage sale finds! I think we scored pretty well. Check it out...
 Today's best score was this gorgeous wicker rocking chair! The woman wanted $20...I got it for $15! It's big and it's sturdy. I'm debating whether to paint it white...what do you think?

 Isn't it LOVELY?
Also got this basket full of goodies!
The basket came with a lid & was 5$.
(the stuff inside was separate) 
Let me show you...
two new chicken roaster's for Mike's Beer Chicken...yum!
$1 each.
Cute little farm house $1
Pizza cutter $1
Old hat box $1
Pretty wine bottle box 25 cents
 Little container with great texture on it, I'll likely paint it white, 50 cents.
Little basket, which I've filled with pebbles and a tea light, 50 cents.
 Little heart shaped wreath with bird, free. It's ugly now, won't be later :)

 Nice old wooden box, with lid for $2.
 It's dove tailed and already distressed,
 put to use as a Utensil caddy for now.
It will likely end up being stenciled with the word "Soap" on it and used for 
powdered laundry soap.
A genuine copper cow bell - $5
 Ding ding!
 A pretty amethyst colored vase $1
 These huge "garden hands" for $1
 A new suitcase combination lock for $1
 A book about Chillies for $1 for Mike (the Chef)
 A brand new shirt for Mike for $1
 a new silver frame for $1.50
 An old looking frame (yes, it's supposed to look stained and battered) for $1.50
 A vintage book for 50 cents, 
it's really old and has some colorful illustrations in it.

 Here's the basket with the lid. It's a nice size, great for storage.
 This vintage suitcase for $2. 
It was dirty, I gave it a wipe down with soap and water.

 it has nice leather corners

 It's in great shape.
 This cute frame for 50 cents. I have another one like it.
  That's my handsome son with me. :)

 I stacked the big basket and the suitcase to create an end table.
 The hat box is great for mail and junk we unload when we walk in the door!

 I love this little cabinet it's on. It's one of my creations using a $2 ceiling tile I got at a garage sale a few years ago, as well as parts of an old table from Quebec from the late 1800's that was broken.
 Isn't that tile gorgeous? I love it!

 I hope you've enjoyed seeing what we found at garage sales today!

Have a great weekend!
Thanks for following!


  1. Oh Sandra, you scored some great things. I don't know whether you should paint the chair or not. It's a nice colour, but white always looks good too. I'd live with it as is for awhile. Love the cabinet you made, the tile is beautiful.


  2. I just wanted to say "Hi", I'm your newest follower! Very nice blog... love the way you're bringing the beach home to your house!! And congrats to your great garage sale finds, the wicker rocking chair is awesome - WOW!

    Jutta from Germany

  3. Now you make me want to book an air ticket and fly there to join your garage hunt!