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Monday, September 5, 2011

A few little finds and a visit to a friend's house

On Friday I met up with my friend Karen and we went to our local thrift stores, then for a quick lunch. It was really nice, Don, Karen's hubby joined us for a change. 

I only picked up a few things...

 I picked up four of these little white bowls, just the perfect size for my morning cereal, 50 cents each.
I also found these three little tea light holders for 50 cents each.
  They look so pretty all lit up!
 Could not resist these beauties for $1! They remind me of my childhood 
 and look pretty in a glass jar!
 This enamel popcorn bowl was $1.50, I already have one in black and white, so now hubby and I won't have to fight for it!!!!!LOL

That's all I found for myself. However, I did spot these and thought they'd look great in Karen's house, so she bought them.

 If I remember correctly, she paid $7 for all three.
(She's in Hawaii now, so I can't call her to check, LOL)
(Did I mention how jealous I am...about Hawaii, I mean?!)

We also browsed in "Lofty Living" and Karen bought this and hung it on her fireplace.
I love it!

But then, I love Karen & Don's home too! Here are a few shots I took around their home...

Pretty master bedroom!
Do you remember when I made this for their master bedroom?
(you can see it at post called "shutters")
 Karen wanted a tv cabinet to put on the wall and she really liked a sign we saw in a shop one day. So, for her birthday I made her both.

here's the cabinet in their master bedroom.
She also hung the sign above the window, the picture I took didn't turn out.

 I added some tiles to their en-suite bathroom a while back...
 I found them at Liquidation World for $2 a box, unfortunately they only had one box of the starfish.
 In the dining room, Karen has a beautiful sideboard that she purchased at a thrift store, which she painted and antiqued herself.

 I found this old ladder at a garage sale for $2 and gave it to her, she now displays her pretty table linens on it. 
(the paneling was done by her son Kurt).

 I especially love their kitchen, it is big and bright.

 Karen is a HUGE Lucy fan.
 She found this old salvaged window somewhere years ago, and Don made the cabinet to fit the window.
 It's still my favorite piece in their home.
 She bought this potato bin and asked me to paint bunnies on it for her, probably 10 years ago now.
 Don has collected these vintage toys over the years. Karen display's them above the kitchen cabinets.
Karen was given the little gas pump by a friend. Isn't it cute?

Their house truly is a beautiful home.

 She had me add some tiles to the main bath too.

"Let's be grateful for those who give us happiness; 
they are the charming gardeners who make our soul bloom."
 Some of the art she has collected from thrift stores...

 Daughter Kari has a pretty little garden area...

That's the end of our little visit to Karen & Don's home.
Hope you enjoyed it!

P.S. Did you notice how pretty the hydrangeas in the tea pot are?
I brought them for Karen, they are from my garden. Here are a few shots of them. I love how the colors fade this time of year, they are so pretty!

Nature is breathtakingly beautiful.

Have a great week!

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  1. Hi sweetie! You once again found some beautiful things! I love those bowls and the popcorn bowl is so cute! You have a his and hers popcorn bowl set. :)
    Karens home is gorgeous and all of your touches are so beautiful! You painted those bunnies?? They are beautiful!! You are so talented my sister!! I love it all!!!