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Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Mexican Fiesta for Mike!

Hubby`s 48th Birthday Celebration had to be done Mexican Style, of course!

We had been planning to have a Mexican Fiesta in our backyard sometime this summer...but things just didn`t seem to fall into place...so my son suggested we have it for Mike`s birthday, great idea!!!

We needed color, lot`s of it...colorful flowers, blankets, sumbreros, lights, color, color and more color!

 Our place is small, so it had to be outside. We cleared the deck, (& painted it),  and set up our patio furniture in the yard. We borrowed 2 banquet tables and 15 chairs from the management of our townhouse complex, and set them up on the deck for dining. A friend let me borrow a bunch of christmas lights and another some sumbreros. I threw my Mexican blankets on the tables as tablecloths.

 There`s a garden angel under that hat, somewhere!

 A pretty seashell mobile was hung on the makeshift bar.
Margaritas, a lovely fruit punch and Mojitos awaited the guests.

 I tried to make it as festive as I could with things I already had. I put out blankets and throws in case it got chilly later on...

 A few citronnella candles strategically placed for those unwanted intruders!

 The cushions I made using colorful Mexican tile fabric added color too!

 For `centerpieces` I filled little clear glass bowls with water, threw in some beach glass and added a floating candle...surrounded by some seashells and a few pieces of driftwood...

 A few little details here and there...

 A very sweet neighbour brought over the perfect bottle of wine for us!
Let`s get this party started!!!

My son, his girlfriend Heather and our niece Emily
 It was a potluck dinner, everyone brought delicious food! 
(Thanks again!)

 Hubby made the extra hot salsa....he needed milk after a taste!

 Yummy `chicken enchilada soup`
 Mike also made a wonderful pork dish cooked in banana leaves. 
(why do re fried beans look so gross but taste so good)
 Hubby and friends (he`s the one in the far right hand corner)
 Claudio, a man of many hats!
 Friends enjoying themselves!
 Hola Sandrita!
 Eric & Heather
 The young`ens making their own fun!

 Me, after a few margaritas and Heather!

Our other adorable little niece, Sarah
 Fabulous cheesecake made by Brenda, she also brought a chocolate cake and some homemade peanut butter cups! To die for!
 Hmmm. A Margarita while I clean up....why not!

It was a wonderful evening, fun was had by all, the food was absolutely amazing and the company even better.

I love a good Mexican Party!!!



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  1. OMG Sandra everything looks so amazing!! You really did it up and thank you for placing me by the bar. :) The food looks so good and everyone looked like they had a wonderful time. I love the photo of you and Heather, you are both gorgeous.
    What a memorable night, I wish I could have joined in. :)