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Saturday, March 3, 2012

My attempt at a painting - update and a "new" chair.

Hey there! If you've been following, you saw that I have been inspired to try my hand at painting on canvas again. Here's what I posted:

Well, seems I have a problem. I don't know when to stop. Ugh. I'm supposed to be enjoying this process, aren't I? The only relaxing thing about this, is the image itself. I am beyond frustrated!

My hubby say's: "Relax, enjoy. It's your first painting in a long time...It's not gonna be exactly what you want."

I say: "Okay, you're right...." but then I tweak and over-tweak!!! 

I added a window on the other side, it wasn't quite right, so I played with it more. Then I decided I had to make the other window "chunkier" to match. Ugh. Hated it. Painted over it with a wall. Don't like that either, but it has to stay, NOW. Now my original window is too chunky. I don't like how it looks. 
I'm feeling like I've ruined the whole thing. More frustration. So, I decide to walk away from the whole thing for a while. 

I ask myself: "What am I going for with this thing anyway?"  I wanted the same feeling as this evokes in me:

 Yes, I know, I have now overdone the window. Darn. I love the worn look the wood has. I tried to duplicate it. Not easy. 

So, with all it's imperfections (I see so much wrong with it) here's what I've got so far. Trust me, it's far from finished, it's NOT looking the way I wanted it to, but I refuse to give up on it, just yet.

 Yup, that's it. I wish I'd left that window alone. Anyway, I found this beautiful glass vase at a thrift store last March, I love it, so I decided to incorporate it in the painting. It's a challenge. The white puff will hopefully at some point be a white peony. 

So far....well, so far, this is it. It still needs a lot of work...and I need to learn when to walk away from it.

Last night I had a glass of red wine while painting, it makes me braver. That may not be a good thing.
 If it doesn't end up in the dumpster, I'll keep you posted {no pun intended}.

Oh, I almost forgot to show you this!
 No, not "Makeover Molly", you've seen her many times! 
The chair!
 It's another case of, one person's trash is another person's treasure!

A freebie
Molly has taken to it.
It's low, and easy for her to get up on. :)
Someone in the office building I work in put it in the lobby for anyone to take.
The back legs were broken.
Hubby made new ones {love that man}!
 It's a nice camel colored corduroy. And It's so comfy.
Now, if only Molly would move! :)
That's all for now, dinner, then back to painting!
{Maybe with a glass of wine?}


  1. UM.....IT IS GORGEOUS!!! You better not throw that in the dumpster missy!!!! I love the vase and flowers and the window is perfectly worn! Keep painting my sista!!
    LOVE IT and YOU!!

  2. you are your own worst critic!! your painting is great..the blending of colors is beautiful!
    And what a find with the chair....how can you NOT be happy with that?!
    I hope you have a great week!