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Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Birds and the bees, and the flowers...

Hello there!  I've been spending some time in my garden, reading or just sitting and watching the birds, bees, butterflies and dragonflies. When I remember to have my camera ready, I sometimes manage to snap some photos of my "garden visitors", and of course flowers are always a great subject.

Another "visitor" in the garden. She thinks I can't see her there!

The Dragonfly stuck around for hours, in spite of Molly's unwanted attention!

The "Cowbird" bathed in the little barrel pond for a bit.

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I  was able to get a shot of the little ant on the peony stem!

 My spot on the patio gives me a clear view of the birdhouse & attached bird feeder.
About a month ago I realized there were chickadees nesting in it.  

It wasn't long before I heard the chirps of hungry little chicks. 
It was interesting and somewhat enchanting to watch Mom and Dad flying back and forth to the nest with food.

     Mommy was quite happy to get seeds from the bird feeder, it is a bed and breakfast after all!
 Daddy however, a true hunter, brought home the "bacon". 

For two weeks, I watched and listened a little everyday, curious to hear or see the little family of birds.
  I tried to photograph them in the nest, but it was too dark inside the little box. {sigh}.

Two weeks after I had heard the fist little chirping sounds, everything was quiet. I waited, I listened and watched. Nothing, not a peep. {no pun intended!}

Hmm, I worried that the squirrels had gotten to them...

or some other fierce predator. (?)

Then, what looked like a little ball of fluff appeared in the garden.
 It was a cute little fledgling, trying his best to fly.
 His mother watched his every move intently.

 He struggled to get from low points to higher, one leap at a time.

It was touching to watch.
 I loved how his mother just stayed close by and watched him, never more than a second away.

...So did Molly, for a while...  until she got bored with the whole thing and decided to take a nap!

I'd say he hasn't grown into his beak yet! So cute!

He eventually flew off, with his mother trailing behind.
 I'd like to think the others made it too.

Bye, Bye Birdies! LOL

Friends of ours lost their teenage son years ago,
 I added this little cherub to my garden in his memory. 
In the mirror behind him, you can see the reflection of another angel...

when I found this one, I thought it only fitting that I give her his mother's name, 
so that she can look over him. 

My favorite flower of all times is the peony. I  like the white ones, but I love the pink ones!. 

They remind me of when I was just a little girl, watching my parents tend to the beautiful peony "hedge" at the front of our house. When I think about that, I swear I can smell them! {happy sigh}.


So, when our friends dropped by recently, with this beautiful bouquet of flowers to cheer me up, it brought back some very fond memories.
Thank you Karen & Don, you are such wonderful friends!
I hope you've enjoyed my little garden as much as I do.

Thanks for following.

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